Weathering Dorian – Simplicity 7051 blouse

We’ve been so fortunate here in Orlando (yes, my house closed last week, and I’m officially here). It’s very windy, with some rain, but my temporary pad is an apartment snugged inside an incredible property called The Gardeners Cottage. I’m living in the middle of a rampantly lush botanical garden. Good for the soul.

I ventured out between rain squalls to get a few pics of my new Simplicity 7051 blouse, sewn before I moved (first version and sewing notes here).

This fabric is so cute, it’s STOF Dodo Petrole woven cotton from It’s 63″ wide! and, given the length of the repeat, I used all of 2 yards to accommodate the print matching and placement. I think of this as my ‘Incredible Dr. Pol’ blouse 🙂

My landlord has five gorgeous kitties.This one is quite old and calm, and he seems to like me. Or maybe he just connected with the cats on the print.

(There’s nothing like a back view to highlight baggy jeans – shameful!)

I have more things to post, but without my sewing gear, I’m knitting, painting, and reading. All the effort, work, and worry that went into showing and selling the house left me more tired than I realized. I’m sleeping like a baby.

Bye for now – Coco

14 thoughts on “Weathering Dorian – Simplicity 7051 blouse

  1. Congratulations on your safe move. I’m glad you found such lovely green surroundings even if temporary. I love the colour of the shirt—petrol is one of my favourite colours to wear. Enjoy the knitting and relief that the move is over.

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  2. You are rocking those jeans and super cute shirt beautifully!!! What a gorgeous place to rest and catch your breath after everything you’ve been through. So glad all is well your way. 🙂

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  3. So happy you were spared from the devastation of Dorian! You must be grateful that everything regarding your move is over and it is time for you to recharge your batteries, enjoy your new surroundings and the beautiful kitties, so good for the soul.
    I just adopted a new four month old black kitten, what fun watching her antics.
    I love your blouse, the fabric is a joy to behold, definitely an incredible Dr. Pol fabric.
    Best of luck adjusting to your new Surroundings.

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    1. I had been thinking of you moving in the midst of the storm… it appears you “got out of Dodge” in the nick of time. Your new setting and feline companion seem pretty special. Best wishes for a good rest from upstate New York where we are having a very welcome cool down.

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  4. I’m so happy that you’re safe from the devastating path of Dorian! Your new home looks incredibly lovely…enjoy the “down time” to rest, renew and re-charge your battery! Your blouse is beautiful – and perfectly sewn, as always! Sending many hugs and best wishes for much joy and happiness in your new home!

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