McCalls 7969 transitional dress

I’m still here! but a bit challenged on the sewing front. I’m working on my lightweight Brother machine, on a coffee table. But I’m so in love with sewing, all things are possible.

I don’t often shop patterns at JoAnn, but without my pattern inventory and printer at hand, I’ve been perusing the catalogs for things I can sew with limited resources. This cute dress caught my eye right away. I love the sleeves on View A!

I also really like the fabric in the envelope pic. Staying with the vibe, I chose a tropical aviary print in 100% cotton, again from JoAnn.

Sewing notes:

  • I sewed the size Medium, with just a few design and fit adjustments.
  • My first change was to add 4″ to the length of the skirt. With a 1 3/4″ hem allowance, it ended up in just the right place. BTW, I really like a deep hem in cotton fabric, for skirt or sleeve. The weight makes the fabric hang so nicely.
  • The neckline is very low! I increased the bodice crossover until I was happy with the depth of the v-neck. This adjustment also narrows the front bodice silhouette, which adds a little shaping.
  • My other ‘big’ change was to the sleeve, which was rather voluminous and dipped almost to my wrist on the back side.

The resulting sleeve is fun and super comfortable, without being over the top.

On the home front, I’m closing on my new house on October 7! I’m so ready to move in 🙂

Bye for now, Coco

12 thoughts on “McCalls 7969 transitional dress

  1. I’ve been eyeing this pattern for ages and new patterns take so long to be stocked here in Australia that I went online and ordered it! Love your sleeve adjustment, I will be doing something similar. Closing on your home is a big thing, I hope the transition to living in your new place goes smoothly.

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  2. I love this on you and think the adjustments made this dress far more attractive than what is depicted on the pattern envelope. I have one top that has longer, wider sleeves and they get into anything and everything I do – especially when cooking! I hope you’re feeling well – I think of you often! Wishing you only the very best in your new home!

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  3. Your new dress is so floaty and pretty…. perfect for your Florida climate. Congratulations on your upcoming closing!!! Good luck with the move and look forward to seeing your new home and more of your beautiful makes.

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  4. Good morning, Coco! The dress is great. The new sleeve length is so pretty and practical…another commenter mentioned how long, full sleeves are a real hazard and I can vouch for that. I was actually thinking of you yesterday and wondering how you were doing on the housing front. Congratulations for finding a new home so quickly and I know you will love settling in and having a real sewing space again.

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  5. The dress looks better on you than on the model, probably because of the fit changes. I think it makes the proportions much nicer. I always enjoy seeing what you do.

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  6. Such a fun dress. I like what you did with the sleeves. I don’t know about you, but wide sleeves that are long in the back manage to get themselves wrapped around door knobs and coffee cups and wine glasses. The length you chose is perfect for your petite size and the style of the dress.

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  7. The dress is Super cute on you! Love how you manage to make time -and space- for sewing no matter what!! And thank you for detailing your adjustments. Seeing these (and in your other blog posts) is always a learning for me!
    Best of luck on your upcoming closing, and Congratulations a little early!
    Angela R

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  8. Your dress is very pretty. And congrats on finding a house and the upcoming closing. I have to say though, you sure are making the most of your challenging sewing situation.

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