Butterick 5533 leopard spot fleece jacket

Our temperature dropped into the 50’s Saturday night, which, in Florida, means fleece jacket gratification!

I made this leopard version of B5533 last spring, and I’ve waited until now to wear it 🙂 It’s simply one of my favorite jacket patterns (marigold fleece version here).

Photographs of the details are difficult in this print, but I’ll give it a try.

  • The jacket is a combination of view A (front and collar) and View B (back and pockets).
  • I drafted a front yoke to add topstitching interest and to break up the visual length of the fabric. This is fleece – no way will I try buttonholes in fleece. For closure, I used #4 snaps with buttons on the outside right front.
  • My collar points are rounded, which IMHO adds a softer and more elegant aspect around the face.
  • The view B back is so pretty, I love the deeply curved inset.
Yoke lining in calico

I also made some small fitting adjustments, described in my marigold post.

Love it! Today I’m waiting for house painters to arrive, the next big step for the house. I just had a call from Lowes to advise me that my refrigerator, promised for tomorrow, is delayed until the end of November (mine has a leaky drip pan). That’s OK, I’m so happy here in my new pad.

Ciao! Coco

12 thoughts on “Butterick 5533 leopard spot fleece jacket

  1. This looks so cozy and classy and snuggly! I love the lined yoke. I’m having lightweight jacket envy – we’re already wearing heavy wool in New England!

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  2. Delightful. I wish the pattern were still in print because I’d make one too. Love this version and the yellow one as well. I like the idea of boiled wool for a colder climate. You look so cozy. Well done. Brava! Also congratulations on your move.

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  3. Lovely jacket, I especially like seeing the back view with your pretty platinum curls. And the yoke lining is so fun; I would almost make the whole jacket just for that. Maybe in a nice boiled wool……hmmmm. This could become another project I make because I like yours (there is a series…..). Good luck with the painters.


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  4. Coco, Beautiful! I just love the leopard print of this fleece. Also love the print on the Simplicity jacket. So happy to see settling into your new place.

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  5. Wow…..I always enjoy your offerings and appreciate the time and effort you take to share your beautiful work. Love this leopard…..all the best in your new home!

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  6. Your sense of style is so perfect. I hadn’t thought about the flattering aspect of rounded collar points but you are absolutely right. The yoke lining is an unexpected treat.

    Good luck with your house painting and your refrigerator. It is fun to share your move and your progress on making your new house a home.

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    1. Ah…the gathers. I went back to the blog post on my very first versions, one was stretch denim and the other was fleece. I took 2″ out of the back on the former, 4″ on the latter, just drew a new CB fold line. Enter 5533 in the search box above, and you’ll find the post. Other than that – I didn’t use heavy fleece, the denim was much heavier at 12 oz.


  7. I really like this. I think I even have the pattern and just never got to it. Yours is very nice, I like the add of the front yoke and the rounding of the collar.

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  8. Coco, You are the ultimate influenzer! Without fail, I am always inspired to copy your ideas, from pattern to fabric ! This jacket is a perfect example: I live in Naples, FL and never considered making a fleece jacket. Why not? We do have our cold spells don’t we and a medium weight jacket is perfect. Thanks so much!
    Fran G

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