Christmas pageant costumes

Greetings! I just realized yesterday that my last post was almost a month ago. I’ve been so busy, in a wonderful and fulfilling way.

I’m so happy in my new church home, and I’ve looked for ways to serve and get involved. In early November, the call for sewists went out – the Christmas pageant costumes were in need of ‘revitalization’ and/or replacement. I went over and, to my surprise, came home with the animals! Talk about a challenge – 3 sheep, 3 cows, and 3 donkeys for the little 3-5 year olds. I haven’t attempted costumes since my own children were that age, long ago. And my only animal was a bunny…

Thank goodness for Pinterest, which opened a world of examples. I chose my models:

And I found two great patterns for the costume basics:

Each costume has a top from S2068 and a hood from S2855, with embellishments. For the bottoms I used True Bias Mini Hudsons. I chose these because the cuffs are easily turned to accommodate our shorter grazers.

Fabric, XXXL Gilden T-shirts, JoAnn
Fabric: Cotton interlock, JoAnn
Fabric, Blizzard fleece, JoAnn

These 9 costumes took me much longer to sew than I anticipated, but I’m really pleased with the results, and I’m excited to see the little ones in the pageant. Christmas Eve will have additional meaning to me, and I’m grateful.

Bye for now – Coco

11 thoughts on “Christmas pageant costumes

  1. I’m proud to “know” you! What an awesome job and an awesome service you did! Will you be posting photos of the completed costumes? I would love to see them!


  2. These are so adorable! I’ll bet they will be even more adorable with little kids in them. You are so kind to donate your time, skills and money to this huge task. I’ll bet this Christmas will be a special one to remember.

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  3. These are AMAZING. You have done such a loving job. Those costumes will still be in use when these children grow up and run the pageant! They’ll tell their kids, “I was a sheep and I loved my costume so much I wanted to wear it home and sleep in it.” Such a blessing you are!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS as you continue into this joyful season.

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