Serger business…

Serger horror. I could not serge/cut a seam! This is lawn!

Look what I found. A huge piece of fabric somewhere in my serger. Even though I cleaned it after my pinafore sewing, and my daughter can attest to this, because I showed her the lint that comes from just one garment.

Well, even before this issue, I’ve known for a while that my Janome 8002D knives were dull, so I ordered both the upper and lower knives, they will be here this week.

Meanwhile, I like having two sergers, one with white thread, one for color changes. I’ve had a second serger for years, a Juki MO644D, that I killed by sewing over a quilting pin. Managed to destruct all the thread/guideline pins, presser foot and press plate, just not redeemable for much less than a new machine.

Which is now on order:

Happy woman…Coco

5 thoughts on “Serger business…

  1. Wow, I never thought a Juki could be destroyed. I have an old Juki M104 and newer Babylock Evolution overlock/overstitch. I finally am comfortable with converting the Babylock and haven’t used my Juki as the stitching hasn’t been as pretty since it was last serviced. Your article about thread colors is a good idea to get it up and going again.

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    1. Oops. Overlock/coverstitch.
      P.s. I love the coverstitch option and in retrospect should have purchased a simple coverstitch machine to complement my Juki.

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