Gerard Manteau in corduroy – prep!

Time for a new Republique du Chiffon Gerard Manteau. I’m in love with this casual jacket.

I found a beautiful 7-wale heathered saffire corduroy at Fabric Mart late last year. And I knew it’s destiny.

The prep, driven by my fabric, has taken hours and hours 🙂

Of course I laundered the fabric, and I was rewarded with piles and piles of lint in the dryer. I tumbled it twice to get the last bits off the yardage, and then I cleaned my dryer!

Prep – once I start sewing, I want to work with nice pattern pieces without lint or unexpected bias distortion. So I cut and serged every single piece of my pattern.

As I was cutting, I marked notches with a chalk pencil, but after I serged the edges, I marked them with a small pin. Chalk disappears from corduroy in a flash…

I’m anxious to start, but my interfacing, Pellon SF785 sew-in, is in the laundry. Yes, non-fusible interfacing should be washed and dried… I prefer sew-in interfacing on anything with a wale or heavy texture, as I don’t want to crush the fabric pressing a fusible.

So, next up, my Gerard Manteau! Bye for now, Coco

8 thoughts on “Gerard Manteau in corduroy – prep!

  1. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of working with corduroy and I look forward to seeing the finished jacket.
    I always enjoy your posts and have learned so much from you.

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  2. I’m in awe of your patience! The careful preparation will surely be rewarded with another successful project. I hadn’t even thought about sew-in interfacing. When I see with corduroy I use a terry cloth pressing cloth but the ribs always get a bit crushed. Now I know!

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  3. That coat is going to look so nice in that fabric. Funny, I like corduroy but I don’t recall ever sewing with it. Something for me to think about…………….

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