Pattern Fantastique Terra Pants

It’s Terra time! I haven’t sewn these cute pants in 4 years, mostly because I needed to reprint, tape, and draft the pattern in a smaller size.

I also wanted to spend a lot of time working with changes and adjustments based on my notes from the first go-round.

Sewing notes:

  • I sewed size 8 – my previous versions were size 12 and were always too large.
  • I removed/flattened the jutting pocket edge, and I narrowed the side seam. The latter diminishes the cocoon aspect of the pants just a bit.

  • I completely reworked the fly/zipper area. The pattern has only 3/8″ seam allowances and uses a sewn-on fly extension. As a result, the zipper is bulky and poorly covered. My change was really fairly simple: I drafted the center front and crotch seam with 5/8″ SA’s and added a cut-on fly extension. The final touch is a shaped fly shield.
Fabric: Kaufman Essex linen in eggplant,
  • The pattern has 3 back pocket options, single welt, double welt, and patch. I seldom put a back pocket on pants, but these are really nice (check out those neat double carriers at center back, also part of the pattern).

More pics!

So I’ve fallen in love with these funky Terras once again 🙂 Bye for now – Coco

8 thoughts on “Pattern Fantastique Terra Pants

  1. Ditto to Becky’s comment! Just love the fabric, and I am going to have to try a pair with that Essex linen. Thanks so much for the info and inspo!

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  2. I would like a pair of your last 2 makes in my size, please! You are really making some fabulous pants lately, Coco. I may even like these as well as your last make, and that’s saying something. By the way, you are looking very well. It seems the move agrees with you, at least I hope so.

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