Pattern Fantastique Terra variation

OK, I’m feeling playful. And adventurous. I love the fit on the Terra pants, waist, hips, backside, frontside – so I decided to make a version with straight legs v.s. the pattern’s curved outseam.

Cute, right?

This should have been a ‘no-brainer’, but of course I had to delve deeply into the draft of the legs. I started by dropping the side seams straight down from the bottom of the pocket, and I ended up with voluminous legs. Hmmm. Slept on that, and this afternoon pulled out Butterick 5504, a great capri pattern, and used its dimensions as a guide.

I’m glad for more than just the measurements, because I’m thinking I need to make these pants again. I last sewed this pattern years ago. And I have some lovely black stretch bengaline that would be perfect.

In the end, my draft was pretty simple. Based on B5504, I dropped the outseam below the pocket for a final leg width of 24.5″ at the bottom. I made no changes to the inseam or elsewhere.

Fabric: Kaufman yarn-dyed Essex in black,

How is everyone doing? I’m grateful for a hobby and lifestyle that are not hugely impacted by all the restrictions in place. But I will admit I don’t sleep very well, I am concerned for my family, who are not so easily isolated, and of course I cut my hair.

Warm thoughts to all, Coco

9 thoughts on “Pattern Fantastique Terra variation

  1. I love these pants. I am, honestly, worried. Today I made myself a weekday schedule and it really helped me stay focused. I put in an hour of “creative time” and I did some sewing. That was really good for me. Stay well and happy sewing.

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  2. This is a great variation! I love them. And I finally ordered some of this fabric based on your rave reviews. I love your haircut, and I would treasure some tips about how to do my own. I do my husband’s, but I haven’t figured out how to do mine yet. I think the shorter length is very flattering on you.

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  3. Ah, I was admiring the hair cut almost as much as the pants – how lucky to get a hair cut before things became so challenging! Stunning orchid, too.


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    1. Thank you, Ceci! The haircut was just a couple days ago…I was startled by how short I cut it, but now I really like it (p.s. I cut my own hair, have since I was 18 🙂

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