Monday Monday #3

What a way to open! I’m a bit upset by the pattern price escalation at BMV!

Actually, I’m stunned. It appears that May opened with a new aesthetic.

These new prices are outrageous. Check out the change on the V1644 I purchased in February…

On to happier things, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve taken up crochet work again – it’s so peaceful. I found a fun variegated worsted yarn, but I had no hook large enough for it! After an online search, I found this wonderful set of 14 Luxbon hooks on Amazon – they are exactly like Boye hooks (my favorite) and are very high quality!

I don’t do well with the tapered head on Susan Bates hooks, I simply split my yarn too often.

Red Heart Super Saver in autumne/otono, with a J hook.

In the garden, my son’s Mother’s Day gift was to arrange for landscaping the front of the house. I had all the old, diseased shrubs removed when I moved in, and the beds have been bare ever since. I was looking forward to grazing the local nurseries and so on, but that’s not an option for me at the moment. What a sweet guy. Below, the house when I bought it and after paint and plant removal…

‘Green Garden Girls’ are coming by this afternoon to get things rolling, so I used a survey pic to draft a view of the yard and irrigation, plus ideas, for a starting point.

Small talk:

One day I started craving watermelons, the same way I craved them when I was pregnant with my kids. No pickles for me! So I’ve ordered seeds and seed starter pots for my own watermelon patch 🙂

I’ve had to limit my walks to early or late hours, due to there being so many people walking and biking. I just can’t avoid them.

Recently I placed an order with Wawak for thread and elastic. I found a few colors of Gutermann thread and various sizes of elastic to be unavailable – I guess face mask sewing and limited production have taken a toll. I was also in need of rotary blades and eventually found these on Amazon, $12.99 for 5, and they’re really nice blades!

What does one do with so much free time? (1) Figure out that all the grit I kept sweeping up on my floors was coming from an ash box under the fireplace grate. Messy cleanup – I emptied the tin ash box inside, scrubbed the grate and fireplace bricks, and put a cover under the grate as well. I have to admit the grate is rather charming, it dates back to 1942 when the house was built.

(2) Finally defrost the wine cooler (I’m not a wine drinker, but it’s great for water and sodas). It was not getting cold, and since it’s 16 years old, I was afraid it was shot. However, it’s really fine without the ice build-up on the back wall. Turning it off required flipping off the circuit breaker to part of the kitchen, so I hurried things along with my hair dryer set on low. Done and done…whew.

Also done, sewing face masks, mine go into Orlando Face Mask Strong today. And I’m happy to get back to my usual selfish sewing 🙂 I recently purchased two fabrics that I’ve never sewn: stretch bengaline and bullet-textured scuba knit. I’ve printed the Style Arc Barb’s pants and the Sinclair Patterns Bianca Shrug, so this evening is cut/tape time.

Well, that was a long ramble! I hope this finds you well and safe, Coco

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  1. Perhaps it’s erroneous, but the measurable price increase on the patterns at the least gives an impression of a kind of price gouging. This could backfire big time for the sellers. Love your blog and always happy seeing that a new post has appeared!

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  2. What a fun ramble! Sounds like you are busy in a good way, getting things done and creating a life of enrichment and comfort. Too bad pattern prices have gone up but I’m not too unhappy — I find older patterns are drafted better so have been recently buying on Etsy and Ebay. Am impressed with your yard design — I would have hand drawn everything in! Right now I am randomly adding large pots of vegetables and herbs wherever there is lots of sunlight. Can’t wait for those tomatoes!

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  3. Oh, Coco, I always enjoy a good “ramble!” I do it all the time. The pattern prices are ridiculous. I had gotten used to the sale prices of commercial patterns from JoAnn. When they closed their stores, they continued to show pattern sales but I couldn’t order them on line. I questioned them, but never got an answer. Good thing I have lots of patterns already 😉

    Your landscaping gift is going to bring you pleasure every single day… and provide you with more things to do! I picked up my crochet hook again, too. Miss Mustard Seed’s blog had two patterns she wrote and I have been making her “socks” for iced drinks glasses. I bought 7 colors of crochet thread and have a nice stack of them.

    Good luck with your watermelons. I imagine you have the perfect climate for them. I live in upstate NY, and our season is barely long enough for them. I get mine from Trader Joe’s or local farm stands and can easily eat one “refrigerator size” melon in less than a week.


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  4. You have a wonderful son! You’re house it’s going to look beautiful! Amazing, with all this time, we have find things to do and reconnect with old ones. Whew 😅

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  5. So many projects, never enough time! Even in lockdown, you have no lack of things to do. I am the same. I totally agree with your crochet hook assessment although I’ve never put it in words. Sewing and needlework are very soothing – each in their own way. I am doing a bit of embroidery after a hiatus of several years. My mind enjoys variety.
    Stay safe,

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  6. Totally agree with you on pattern prices….outrageous.
    What an incredible gift from you son. So nice to have pro’s get the ball rolling.
    Ahhh, watermelon. I tried to grow them once and they got to be a little bigger than a softball and then died. I was so hopeful. I wish you much better luck than what I had but I don’t have a green thumb like you so I’m sure all will be great.
    I have been wondering about the bullet scuba knit. Looking forward to your thoughts on sewing that.

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