Style Arc Barb Pants

It’s always gratifying to conquer a fear! Other than leggings, I’ve avoided taking on slim pants. There are so many considerations and fitting points – bum, thighs, rise – and challenge of finding just the right fabric.

I always enjoy the variety of patterns offered by Style Arc and their availabity in PDF format. While cruising patterns on Pinterest, the Barb pants caught my eye. Research disclosed that I’m way behind the times – this pattern was among the ‘best of 2015’ on Pattern Review! Curiously, I found I actually had this pattern languishing on my computer. I apparently received it at no cost when I signed up for the Style Arc newsletter. And this promotion is still active on their Facebook page!

Style Arc recommends stretch bengaline, a fabric with which I was unfamiliar. It was a bit difficult to source, but I found it at FabricGenie in a wide range of colors. It’s really nice! AKA faille (which I’ve sewn in a cotton blend with much wider ribs), it has minimal vertical stretch. Style Arc makes a point of reminding the sewist of the latter, so that a pattern is cut with the stretch in the needed direction.

Sewing notes:

  • My primary change was to raise the waistband to my natural waist. I just don’t like elastic waistbands in low rise pants. It was as easy as adding 1 1/4″ to the front and back rise using the convenient lengthen/shorten line on the pattern.
  • Reduced the curve in the crotch. The latter accomodates my flat-ish fantail and prevents wrinkles across the back side of the pants.
  • Lifted the waistline at center front by 3/8″.
  • Based on the width of my upper thigh, mid-thigh, and calves, I also added 1/2″ to the front and back side seams.

What a great fit! and so comfortable. I have more of this fabric, and I know exactly where it will go. Black slacks and blue jeans – my favorites.

Jacket, V6144 Kathryn Brenne, post here

Parting note, my camera is fading away on me 😦  It’s about 10 years old, is not fancy, and has been used in heat and humidity. Annoying, so it’s time for a new one.

I hope you are well, bye for now, Coco

10 thoughts on “Style Arc Barb Pants

  1. these are great pants. I made my first Barb about 2 weeks ago. I didn’t make any changes. I didn’t even add elastic at the waistband as I noticed it said it was optional. I am happy with the fit straight out of the pattern however for the next Barb I will shorten the length an inch.

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  2. Thanks for the share – I had been thinking on making a pair of trousers, but wanted them to be both comfortable and smart…. so I will defintely be trying these- your sewing notes also most helpful!

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  3. Marcy Tilton sells a very similar fabric to bengaline that she labels as “Ace.” She currently has 15 versions of it for $10/half yard ($20/yard) minus 20% ($16 per yard). I’ve bought it multiple times and am very happy with it. I recently sewed the black/white polka dots in the Barb pant.

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  4. The pants are a perfect fit – proof that accurate measurements and attention to detail really are worth the time and effort. Did you use a serger or a regular machine? Thanks for once again providing inspiration and ideas.

    Good luck finding a replacement for your camera. I ended up shelving my old camera when my new phone came with better resolution than the old camera but I still haven’t figured out how to replicate the features I liked with the camera. I’ll be interested in how you reach a buying decision.

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    1. Hi Coco! Just recently signed up for your blog and I just Love your sense of style! You always look amazing in your beautiful creations.

      I’m new to working with PDF patterns and I’m wondering what service you use for printing? The paper appears to be tissue from the photos? I just used Fast and easy online service but printed on regular plotting paper. I like the transparency of the tissue, especially when working with a patterned fabric.

      Also, I just love Style Arc patterns, but have hesitated purchasing because of the size conversion to US. I’ve measured and measured but I’m so confused! What do you suggest? Thanks so much!


      1. Hi Janice. and thanks! I use rolls of paper ordered on Nancy’s Notions, I think it’s ‘medical’ paper, used on doctor’s tables. Works great and not expensive. In fact, I just ordered two rolls today! I print my PDFs at home, most inexpensive approach and no need to go out. Sizes – check out Style Arc’s sizing charts as a starter, but your best approach will always be to know your own measurements, measure the pattern, and fit from there. Sew a muslin!


      2. Hi again, I just checked my paper order, actually I got it on Amazon, Nancy’s Notions is sold out. Forgot about that! It’s 21″ wide x 225′ long, each roll.


        1. So once you print at home on 8.5″ x 11″ you then trace onto the ‘medical’ paper? Thanks so much for the sizing tip!


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