Hot hot hot and harem pants

It’s so hot outside, 93 degrees for a couple days. I don’t really mind, but I also don’t feel like wearing a bunch of fabric, such as a maxi dress. Truth is, I need to replace my entire AC system, air handler (16 years old) and compressor (10 years old). I knew this when I bought the house, and I’m ready now that we are into summer weather. The system struggles, runs all day, to maintain 79 degrees in the house (I have lots of fans). Only the lockdown has kept me from doing it – come June and these boogies are getting replaced!!

Enter my new challis Pattern Emporium Harem pants, always a favorite. I’m also wearing a lightweight True Bias Ogden cami, a button variation. As an aside, I just don’t feel like hiding anything, so my skin is here in all its scarred and scleroderma ‘patterned’ and irregular glory 🙂 It’s kind of cathartic to do this, and my buddy alligator has my back. It has been 10 long years…

Sewing notes:

  • I am still sewing the size 12 in the pants, but I’ve taken quite a bit out of the sides. I suppose I could size down, but now my tissue works, so I won’t bother 🙂
  • My cami is size 4. I drafted the button variation early on, but I think that Kelli has a tutorial on how to do this.
  • Fabric: Rifle Co. Wonderland Blue Magic Forest. The cami is simple broadcloth.
  • As a note, I’m 5’7″, measurements 33.5″/29″/39″. I hope this helpful. I myself get so frustrated when I research reviews and pics of a pattern and have no idea of how it really fits – few sewists include the info.

Play time:

I am thinking of all my blog friends, every one, and hope you are finding grace and faith, these are such unfamiliar times. For now, Coco

9 thoughts on “Hot hot hot and harem pants

  1. Those pants are very cute and look so comfortable. In hot weather, there’s nothing so cooling as loose fitting clothes. I agree with what others have already said. Our bodies are the story of our life. Mine, like yours, is scarred and imperfect but I feel very happy in my warrior skin.


  2. Do not fear showing your skin. You appear to be healthy and active and beautiful. It’s always nice to admire what you sew.

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  3. So casual/comfy looking. Just perfect for a 93°day. Apparently you do not find rayon challis makes you feel hotter??? I seem to find I sweat more with rayon than 100% cotton.

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  4. I fell in love with harem pants in Nepal. This is a great look and you have captured it perfectly. I love wearing something stylish and supremely comfortable. This project is definitely my next-in-line. Thank you!

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  5. That is such a cute outfit. I really like it and you look great in it. I enjoy every one of your blog posts. I’m glad for you that you feel no need to hide. Stay safe and keep sewing.😎

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