A week of gardening

It is with great relief and stiff muscles that I share my week of planting the front of my lovely bungalow.

I had all the material in the front beds removed (at some expense) last fall. Nine very old and diseased shrubs and various other things. And since then I’ve sprayed the weeds a bit and considered what I might like to do.

I did engage a landscaper, who came back with a plan I cannot afford, particularly after the news last Friday that I need to replace my entire air conditioning system. Priorities…

So – a walk thru the past week, minus multiple trips to nurseries for pics and plants, as well as the very dirty business of cleaning the beds and prepping them. Also cleaning me!! Four beds, before and after mulch…

College Park is a front porch neighborhood, people walking their pets, biking, kids playing, folks chatting across yards. I love my front porch. My son, grandson, and I can ‘distance’ here and share our lives, usually on Sunday.

Am I ready to get back to sewing? of course, and I look forward to watching my small plants grow. I feel so blessed. For now, coco

9 thoughts on “A week of gardening

  1. I love the look of your home, I would love to sit on your porch. Great job with the planting! Now you can sit back and watch the flowers grow!

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  2. coco, you always bring joy and peace no matter the topic! how lucky to have your son and grandson so near and dear. but we know it was not luck but a willingness to embrace change. hats off to you.

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  3. Amazing change! Your plant palette is so different than the ones I know – that plant with the red and yellow flowers really pops against the blue wall. Feel for you on the AC replacement but as you say priorities have to rule sometimes.


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  4. You did a very nice job, your place seems really peaceful. I just discovered your Instagram and blog recently, I love your style. Looking forward to see more of your sewing.

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  5. Viewing well-mulched plants is heart-warming, like viewing the fields of a careful farmer. Viewers know, “Here is a person who takes care of things.”

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