Style Arc Bobbi Bomber muslin

A short post on a Bobbi Bomber muslin. I was attracted by the long silhouette of this pattern, a length that would not hit the waist of my jeans or trousers.

It’s really cute and has a longer length than most bomber jackets.

So what happened…

The major major problem I had is the raglan sleeve. I’m so broad-shouldered, I really feel that the upper bodice is skimpy on me. So much so that I did not insert the (precious) 30″ zipper. Nor did I line it, although I did cut out a lining. I sewed the size 12, but I know a 14 could overwhem me.

If you have a narrow chest/back, this might work for you. It’s not a complicated pattern – I would rate it at a confident advanced beginner, mostly because of the use of rib fabric on the neckline, hemline, and sleeves. As is usual with Style Arc, the instructions are marginal 🙂

Lesson learned, but a couple more pics:

The fabric is Winding Ridge yarn-dyed cotton ikat, made in India, purchased from And those are faux welt pockets – I knew early on that I would not embrace the pattern so I diminished my sewing angst.

And I still plan to make a ‘longer’ bomber jacket, but one with inset sleeves and so on.

For now – Coco

9 thoughts on “Style Arc Bobbi Bomber muslin

  1. I thought the jacket looked well on you and the fabric is very pretty. Would a broad shoulder adjustment be within your pattern making skills? I could see reshaping the sleeves slightly in the shoulder area, but that would not do anything for the fit in the back. I agree with linda; your house always looks so comfortable and airy.

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  2. I appreciate more and more that fit directly relates to comfort, and is very individual. I have rounded shoulders and raglan sleeves always look terrible on me! I had imagined that a broad-shouldered person wouldn’t have problems with raglan sleeves. I learn from everything you share, Coco!

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  3. I had planned to make this pattern but I have broad shoulders also. I guess I had better look around for another option.


  4. I always appreciate your honest notes on your projects. Plus, your screened room makes me want to add one to our home. I’d have to replace our dining room windows with French doors but that would be a nice upgrade. Hummm…

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