Simplicity 8640 summer dress

A bit of fun. My sew-jo is alive and well, but my blogging-jo has been terribly repressed. Frankly, I spend my days watching Netflix (lately, Dexter) or sewing small projects. But I do put on a fresh dress every day, and I focus on what I can control and what I cannot control. I am wary, being 72 years old, but I do go to the grocery, mask and gloves, quick visit. Boy, I miss grazing in stores. For fabric, Amazon is my buddy, the ultimate contact-free shopping alternative. And I’m serious about that.

Simplicity 8640 – wonderful pattern, sewn many times with all the front piecing. Strangely, or predictably, I found that the stitching in the front pieces was irritating the skin on my chest. Solution: I drafted a one-piece front 🙂

Looking back at earlier versions, I think a white linen is in the wings. Following, just lots of pics, nothing has changed much other than the front.

Fabric: Fabric Merchants Challis Floral Navy/Orange, I purchased this on Amazon, but its also sold on the site.

Next up – actually I’ve sewn 2 jackets and a pair of pants. All of which I really love. And I have another pair of pants planned. I’m minding my mental state, these are such difficult times, at times I feel so isolated.

For now, and I hope you are well, Coco

18 thoughts on “Simplicity 8640 summer dress

  1. You and your dress are both gorgeous! I have this pattern but have not sewn it yet. I’ve only been sewing for a short while and I am hoping that you will please answer two questions for me. Will you please tell me if you cut the fabric on the bias or on the grain line? Also, when you say that you modified the pattern to be a one piece front, do you mean that you modified the bodice and skirt to be one piece? I ask because in the photos it looks like there is a vertical seam down the middle, so I’m wondering how it is one piece. (Sorry for my ignorant questions) Thank you!!!


    1. Hi Sharon! The front does have a center seam, but each side is one piece. I cut the front and back with the grainline – the design of the skirt puts plenty of bias below the bodice area, nice drape.


  2. Thank you for the post. I have this pattern and haven’t sewn it yet. Still deciding on a fabric. This quarantine has spurred on my sewing. I find it hard to concentrate on reading but have no problem with sewing. Just wish there was somewhere to wear it🤣

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  3. Thank you for letting us take a look at your project — your posts are always a delight! I love the colors of the dress and soft flowy shape — your fix for your dress is clever. My skin has gotten more sensitive as I get older so I take care to eliminate scratchy fabric, tags, seams or stiff edges that can irritate. I like a little structure in my clothing so sometimes getting the right fabric is a challenge especially now when I buy all my fabric online.

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  4. What a treat to see your blog and terrific-as -always pics today! The happy challis print is delightful! Do continue to stay safe and know your posts are enjoyed and appreciated ….more now than ever!!!

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  5. Hi Coco, your earlier postings on Simplicity 8640 motivated me to try out the pattern, and I love the end result. And now I’m making a version for a friend. Your gift to us of a pattern review spreads joy!

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  6. I’m with all the others, I was uplifted by your post, and I like that dress pattern very much. In Maine, we are seeing the vacationers increase, as well as what looks like complete ignorance of the basic standards for reducing risk for COVID spread. I, too make a quick and protected trip for groceries, but miss being able to visit the marketplace, so to speak, in the way that women have been doing for eons. Stay well, sending a virtual hug.

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  7. What a pretty dress. Love the happy fabric. As for your state of mind…get some sunshine (Vit D) 5 – 10 mins a couple times a day and try to take short walks. It does help.

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  8. Your dress and you in it are a treat. I like the shape of the skirt. Eileen Fisher used to sell a dress with a variety of sleeve options and colors and the balloon skirt. I was shocked and dismayed to wear mine out and discover that my summer go to dress was out of production. Looks like sewing a couple new ones is in my future.

    Regarding stress and isolation, I feel for you. It’s very scary to go out and see so many people without masks and some stores not enforcing the No Shoes, No Shirt, No Mask, No Service directive.

    I’m definitely looking forward to looking back on this year. You have been a spot of happiness and I appreciate you.

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  9. That’s such a pretty dress – and it looks great against your wall! I love blue houses.
    The new front is not the same as the back, is it? I am not very experienced at re-drafting patterns, and I’m trying to learn all I can!

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  10. I understand why your blogging mojo might have waning in this situation, but just to give you some positive feedback, we all love your posts. They are fun, informative, and inspiring. I feel very isolated as well, as I think lots of do. Take really good care of yourself, pop up on blogging when you can, and keep the faith, Coco. This, too, shall pass.

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