Butterick 5504 linen pants

OK, setting a record, 2 posts in 2 days. But you guys are the best, all the comments, best wishes, and virtual hugs on my last post…right back at you. It really made realize that I’m not the only one trying to redefine my life to things as they are. You’re great.

The pants I mentioned on my post are these, a pattern I love, taken to a full length.

The fit is so nice, even in the back, with the elastic waist. Sewing notes:

  • These are a straight size Medium, with 6″ added for the longer length.
  • The fabric is Robert Kaufman Essex yarn-dyed linen in taupe. Yes, it’s very gold, not taupe at all.
  • I turned the waistband 2″, instead of 1 5/8″, to raise the crotch a tad. I’m 5′ 7.5″, and found I needed this adjustment. A happy change, since my 1 1/4″ non-roll elastic fits perfectly in the casing. BTW, the pattern calls for a drawstring, not elastic, but front-tied drawstrings are not my style 🙂
  • On the inside, I serged all my seams, it makes for such a nice finish on linen.
  • I double-stitch and serge all my crotch seams, woven or knit. If you open the crotch curve as you serge, you’ll get all the flexibility you need in the seam.

Cute pattern! I love the pockets, just a little different and so very easy to sew.

So, a sneak peek at the jacket that goes-with, my next blog post. Ciao! Coco

8 thoughts on “Butterick 5504 linen pants

  1. Hi Coco, I’m delurking to say that your pants are so awesome, and that jacket . . . I just sewed up a really nice cropped jacket and thought, gosh this pattern would be perfect if it had a collar. Basically, it would be just like yours! So I’ll be back to check it out!
    I really appreciate all the great info you give us along with all your makes. It’s especially helpful for me since I’m exactly the same height as you and have the same broad shoulders 🙂

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  2. Nice pants! The pockets have a little different look I find interesting. I’m waiting for delivery of Papercut patterns Palisade pant, also with a nifty pocket detail.

    In response to Cynthia’s question about a serger: I bless the day I got mine!! A serger is a game changer, actually easy to use. Just get the manual, read it, don’t be afraid to test out tensions, stitch length, (eventually) changing blades and so on. With each step your confidence will grow, and you will reap the reward of elevating the finished appearance of every garment you make!

    In response to your post: You deserve every glowing compliment received. The work of photos, sharing details on makes has got to take much, much effort.. THANK YOU!! for all I’ve learned!

    P.S. I admire that you choose to take the high road!!

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    1. Easy to learn once you decide to do it! My first serger sat on my sewing table for three weeks, I was so intimidated, but now I have two and would not give them up for anything😎

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