Mid-week short chat

It’s once again that time of year, tropical storms and hurricanes. After over 30 years in Florida, I don’t panic, I just go to the grocery store! Done and done…

Sewing: My son’s linen ‘Hawaiian’ shirt is finished, pending a fitting and button placement. He’s in Banner Elk, NC, due to come back on the weekend. He and his ‘crew’ drove up to avoid Covid concerns, long drive from Orlando, so I hope he has a decent drive on return. Heavy rain in Florida tends to be a whiteout, difficult driving.

This is wonderful men’s casual shirt pattern, Kwik Sew 2935. Here’s the one I made my DSIL a few years ago, also in Brussels Washer. You might have to do a search to find it now, but it’s worth the effort!

Having finished my kitchen glass door, which has a wooden frame, with frosted film, I find that every one of my rotary blades is dull. I took a moment to order blades just a while ago, I love Amazon. These are incredible prices, if they don’t last a long time, I don’t care 🙂

Tomorrow I will get myself in gear and go to Sherwin Williams for black paint for the front oak door. I’m ready to be done with painting!

I hope this finds you well and engaged in fun in-home diversions. For now, Coco

4 thoughts on “Mid-week short chat

  1. That’s a handsome shirt. I’m looking forward to updates on your painting project.
    I’m making adjustments to a dress pattern that you wrote about a while back. Fun to have projects to keep me entertained. Unlike Florida, we have been at home except for essentials like groceries and doctor appointments since March. ☹️

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  2. Interesting that your son is in Banner Elk as we have quite a bit of Covid 19 concerns here in NC but I do know it’s better in the mountains. We take day trips up just to get away from the heat and out of Clemmons for the day. Wishing him safe travels home.

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