Itch to Stitch Causeway bomber jacket pt.1

When Itch to Stitch announced their Causeway bomber jacket, I jumped on it. It has everything I really want in a bomber, primarily set-in sleeves. My experience with the Style Art Bobbi bomber taught me that raglan sleeves just don’t work for me, my shoulders are broad, the upper bodice was too narrow.

Check out the front detail! There are pockets hidden inside the front bodice seams. How neat is that 🙂

I printed and modified the size 10 with an A cup. I think (hope) the bodice will fit with the ease I like.

Having 5 yards of coffee Kona cotton for the lining, I went for it. Working with Kona had a big benefit – I was able to determine the fabric requirement for a 44″ wide fabric. The instructions only provide the requirement for a 58″ wide fabric. So – two yards.

I’m going to sew this Kona version for fit. I added 1″ to the length of bodice/back/sleeve/pocket, for more more fitting room. And I have enough to change-up the size if needed. Meanwhile, I’ve ordered fabric for the shell and ribbing (I already have a zipper). This is Alexander Henry A Ghastlie Craft plus rib kit in olive, both from

I admit, I’m so into fabrics and styles that are a bit outré – blame it on Covid! I really am not interested in staid/predictable styles or prints. 🙂

Having said that, it’s the weekend. Perhaps not as we all spent it before, but I do hope you are well and loved. For now, Coco

9 thoughts on “Itch to Stitch Causeway bomber jacket pt.1

  1. I love the shell fabric and glad you mentioned you got rib-knit from also. I just purchased this pattern and pulled a lovely piece of fabric from my stash but need rib knit, will go see what colors they have available. Look forward to seeing your finished jacket!!


  2. Hi, just wanted to tell you that I love your post. Your taste in matching patterns to fabric is amazing, and everything you make is beautiful and fun. You motivate me to sew more. Also love your great taste in furniture and art from the few glimpses of the background of your photos. You have great aesthetics so of course your sewing creations are so beautiful! Looking forward to the next… Just to let you know, I had trouble leaving this comment on the blog comment section, kept asking me for a password for wordpress, and didn’t work. So I tried just responding back to the email….hope you get this. Could be that others also have trouble leaving comments……

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  3. The new pattern has lots of attractive features. And your print is delightful. Looking forward to seeing it when you’ve completed it.


  4. I saw the pattern and thought , “Oh another bomber jacket pattern.” Guess I was very wrong! I think the pattern is on sale for a week, so based on your blog post I will definitely buy it. I can’t wait to see your version; you are always so stylish and elegant.

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