Spontaneous December sewing plan


Sometimes I think the best anti-pandemic strategy is an outrageous stash of fabric. In line with that, yes, I am lurking Black Friday sales 🙂 My stash is beyond pitiful, like, nothing. Something I can rectify given the help of refund checks from my house closing in Weston, over a year ago!

Last week I visited the much-loved and appreciated Fabric.com, and placed a nice order. I’ve never sewn with much of a plan, I just lie in bed and get hit with an inspiration. So, upcoming:

A Deer & Doe Plantain Tee and Megan Nielson Virginia Leggings combo.

Another Style Arc Elani Tunic ( see last post) , in Robert Kaufman Driftless Insects linen:

And a pattern I’ve had for a couple years, a Katherine Tilton knit jacket, B6253 (search Ebay), with loads of detail, in a mid-weight sweatshirt fleece:

I hope you are all well, staying safe, and embracing hope and each other. Coco

8 thoughts on “Spontaneous December sewing plan

  1. I hope your Thanksgiving was nice. I just read another blog and this blogger made some fabric purchases for Black Friday also. I looked but didn’t buy; I do have a fairly decent fabric stash and hopefully, there will be after Christmas sales. Love all of your new fabrics. Stay safe and a cyber hug from me.

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  2. I made the Tilton jacket in a mid-weight quilted fabric that I bought from Marcy Tilton. I don’t remember having any problem with the zipper. I made this years ago when the pattern first came out. I always get compliments when I wear it.

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  3. Hi, Coco! I hear you re the planning! I must comment on the Tilton jacket though. I made it once in a lovely mid-weight velour knit and it turned out so heavy I almost can’t wear it! All those gathers and tiers! Also, I found it really difficult to match those gathered seams across the zipper. Just take it slow and baste, baste, baste! My fabric was rather slippery; perhaps you’ll have better luck with yours! I can’t wait to see it.

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  4. Thanks I do enjoy reading your posts and have gleaned useful tips a plenty. I am so glad you look after yourself healthwise as all we hear over here is doom and gloom, with your rising case numbers and people not caring for others – lack of soc distancing, mask wearing, etc. Also huge trucks acting as morgues and hospitals at capacity. Hopefully the Thanksgiving holiday doesn’t see another serge! Stay safe. Sam the Aussie

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  5. Love the fabric for the Style Arc Elani tunic! Can’t wait to see it when you get it done! My sewing has languished because I have some altering to do – doesn’t seem as interesting/exciting as sewing something new. Happy Thanksgiving, Coco!

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