Online shopping mysteries

IMHO, online shopping calls for a sense of humor and acceptance of the inevitable. In general, I am a big fan – it’s entertaining, doesn’t cause fatigue, and, most of the time, I find something wonderful, needed or not. I admit that Amazon Prime has expanded my horizon in ways I never imagined…

To share a couple of funny experiences this week:

(1) I recently placed an online order with Mood Fabrics, 4 woven fabrics, $108, received the email confirmation and a tracking number – but the order doesn’t appear in my account. I sent a couple emails to their support desk, but no response. Kind of bugs me…

(2) Sometimes the picture is not what you get. I ordered this double-brushed poly from to make leggings:

And received this very large print instead! It happens that I like it, so I kept it 🙂

The tunic pattern is also a surprise. I had New Look 6323 in my stash for about 6 years, but tossed it when I lost some of the pieces. Subsequently I could not find a replacement anywhere online. Shopping in Walmart last week, I found it in the sewing section, re-branded. Whoopee!

Similar stories? Ciao! Coco

10 thoughts on “Online shopping mysteries

  1. I have purchased fabrics from various sites and when the fabric arrives, it is sometimes quite different than expected. I have not had problems with Mood and I have not purchased from them in a long time so nothing to share about them.

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  2. Hi, Coco. I love your blog, especially your pattern reviews. Would you be able to add “Pauline Alice” to your Topical Index? I’m pretty sure you’ve featured a couple of their patterns in the past but I can’t find those posts using the “find it” function. Excuse me if I’ve misremembered which blog featured those patterns – mentalpause, you know! If it was you, would you comment on which posts? Pattern Review doesn’t have reviews on the ones I’m interested in. Thank you so much, and stay safe and well.

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  3. Like your new tunic–good thing you liked the fabric. What a coincidence–last night I watched Joy Bernhardt’s post on You Tube and she showed the same pattern from Walmart she had just purchased and she thought it was an odd thing, too. Too bad about the “MOOD” purchase, but glad it worked out for you. Would make one think twice about ordering from them. I shopped there back in 2016 and loved the experience. Went fabric shopping in NY and New Jersey with Peggy Sagers and 54 other women. Quite an experience–had a great time. Those days are over for awhile!!! SO GLAD you keep sewing and sharing what you make. Love your work! I might browse patterns, but still have plenty to keep me busy. I also will use Sure Fit Designs to draft my own patterns. Look forward to your next make! Take care.

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  4. Hello Coco..Hopefully you received a response from Mood…they can be difficult to deal with at times. Good luck. Like the top a lot…That fabric choice looks great on that top, and I also noticed that the brand names were different….and wondered what’s up with them. Recently I heard that the 4 major pattern companies were purchased by a greeting card company???Is that right..What do they know about patterns..ha..Also, since then I noticed some gals complaining online about the pattern pieces not marked properly ..Who knows…Take care…love your humor.

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    1. Thank you, Mary! yes, the old BMV site was bought out, and the new website is Something Delightful. Ha! Vogue patterns are $22.40, McCalls $14.95 – good luck with that!


  5. I hate spending money on something that I won’t use. I try to only buy online when I know exactly what I’m getting. Too many times I’ve bought something because someone online was recommending it and then when I received it I was unimpressed. Of course I still have weak and impulsive moments!

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