Fibre Mood Rya Jacket

Not for the faint-hearted. This seemingly straight-forward jacket/coat has a few challenges.

I love the idea of an over-sized shirt as a jacket – the current jargon is a ‘shacket’. And this is a great place to start. It has sloping shoulders to dropped sleeves, a statement-worthy collar, and big chest pockets. Lots of appeal!

So when I found it, I was all in, what a fun look for a challenging, almost dreary, season!

Fabric: JoAnn beastly blizzard fleece

Cute, right!

Sewing notes:

  • I sewed the size Small, as it is very over-sized. I haven’t mentioned my measurements for a while, so 5″ 7 1/2″, 34″ bust, 39″ hip.
  • And I removed a whopping total of 7 1/2″ in the length, 2 1/2″ in the torso and another 5″ in the shirt tail hem area.
  • My goal was a jacket just above my knees, so I took a lot out of the shirt tail to balance the shorter length.

The nitty gritty:

  • The basic drafting is fine, i.e., pieces fit together and the silhouette delivered as promised
  • The instructions are marginal and the fitting requirements are high. Caution, take your time.
  • The finishing approaches are just weird. Why use bulky folded bias binding on the neckline when a nice facing would work so well. And afford a pretty look to the inside when the jacket flips open…

I drafted these facings at 3 1/4″ wide unfinished.

  • And again with the folded binding, this time on the hemline, what a bunch of bulk. I drafted a facing for the hemlines, cut at 1 1/2″ unfinished. It sewed down beautifully and gives just the right amount of weight to the hem.
  • I almost forgot – the instructions call for another folded bias binding on the top of the chest pocket. What! Just cut your pocket 2″ longer and do a self-facing finish.
  • Cautions: the sleeve is very short, add about 3″ and do your fitting with the cuff later.
  • And the pockets are at kangaroo sweatshirt length down the side seam. I ditched them, but of course one could just move them down to useful placement.

I like it! given my changes and how I will wear it here in a Florida winter. I particularly appreciate that this project has kept me very very busy for a week and has exercised both my sewing ability and my patience.

I am seldom deterred, and I am going straight into my second version in a Robert Kaufman Mammoth plaid flannel.

The fabric has arrived, it has been laundered, and I’m ready – Ciao! Coco

10 thoughts on “Fibre Mood Rya Jacket

  1. I like the options you came up with for the neck facing and hem. I’m making the Rya now and using your suggestions. I’m wondering if you tacked the neckline facing all around the neck or just at the shoulders.

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  2. I love a shacket! It can be the perfect thing to throw on. I love that you take the time to think about your construction. And that when the directions are taking you in a bad direction you’re not afraid to strike out on your own. The flannel BTW is gorgeous!

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  3. Love your shacket! Have you ever considered a youtube channel? Your detailed reviews would translate perfectly to a short concise video. You could reach and help so many people!

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