Seeing the top of the mountain

Just some musings. And a small celebration. My county opened an appointment portal for 65+ residents at midnight, Dec. 29. I had been asking my doctors for info on when/where/how to get my vaccinations. And overnight, when the portal opened, I got a reply.

I got my appointments, for both my first and second jab, at 4:09 p.m., on the first day of of the portal. It was shut down at 5:51 p.m., all 42,000 appointments were taken, and there is no re-opening date in sight. My appointments are set for January 29 and February 26. I am so grateful, happy, relieved, to know I am in line. That’s my view of the top of the mountain. 12% of my county of 1.4 million residents, 168,000 people, are over 65 years old.

So now I am a little paranoid, climbing that hill, in avoidance mode. I’m diligent about using KN95 masks (from Amazon), and the vinyl gloves I harbor because I cannot use latex gloves.

Small earthly wonders. A year ago I bought a couple small pots of kalanchoe at the grocery. When they bloomed out, I dead-headed the blooms, stuffed them into a 10″ pot with some soil, and put the pot in the back yard.

And it’s January a year later. Cold outside! but what glorious color.

Parting remark: Because I am on an immunosuppressant medication, I have to get lab work every 4 weeks. This morning, early, at the lab, a man in the waiting room was porting a mask but had it pulled down under his mouth. I asked him to mask-up. He replied with how it was his life and he would do as he pleased. My reply was that I was concerned about my life, and I asked the door-keeper to remove him. Lots of grumbling, but he pulled up his mask. I get it. It’s a new paradigm. However – we have choices, I choose to advocate for myself. Be brave…

For now, with thoughts for all, Coco

11 thoughts on “Seeing the top of the mountain

  1. That’s great Coco that you got into the vaccination line. You did well to stick up for yourself- you’ve got sass 😉 .
    It’s a strange world at the moment. Fear seams to freeze some people’s reasoning.

    On another note I enjoy your blog. I appreciate seeing the patterns made up and modelled on a real person. I am learning from how you make the pattern changes.

    Could I ask if you would recommend a dress form (dressmakers dummy) ? If so how do you find it useful? Sewers are either for it or completely against them. I am toying with the idea (but they all seem to be sold out at the moment with the surge in home crafts).

    thanks again

    Adelaide, South Australia

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  2. Good luck with the vaccinations. They are not available in Australia yet. I hear you on the mask front. It has just been mandated for people to wear masks in a variety of locations here in Sydney Australia including public transport with $200 fines for non compliance but yesterday on the bus there were people with masks but pulled under their nose!! I get it – they are hard to breathe through especially in the humid weather we are currently having but it is such a small sacrifice for the safety of the wider community. If this will stop more people dying and keep our economy afloat I’m in 🙂

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  3. Congratulations! I am waiting to hear when I get my shots. Love your
    kelanchoe. I could never get mine to
    I enjoy your site. Don’t think it’s narcissistic. Bravo for calling out the
    fellow who wasn’t wearing his mask. There is a difference between freedom and license.


  4. Great that you are in line for your vaccinations. In NC, 75+ are now waiting for shots. Phase 2 will be for 65 +, my DH and I are waiting for our turn. Glad you advocated for yourself, why people find it so offensive to wear masks is just beyond me. Stay well!

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  5. Boy do you have a green thumb. Lucky you! Lucky you also for having your appts for vaccine. We are in early 60’s and probably will (sadly) not be eligible till later in the year. And GOOD for you for being brave and advocating for yourself. A lot of people seem to think that their mask is only protecting them. And that they have the right to choose. WRONG.

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