That old Catch-22 blouse facing

This is a very quick post. Have you ever turned in the facing on a blouse and found it fell short of the neckline? It really makes for a mess. The pic above is from the Named Saraste blouse.

As demonstrated in the above pic, just fold the facing and you get treated with lots of raw fabric waving about just where you want it least – that beautiful collar or neckline. The solution – add a bit of tissue, fold your pattern at the fold line, not necessarily the center line, and amend your pattern. Before you cut! Your facing should come all the way up to the neckline, not below it..

Most Big Four patterns won’t make this error, but I’ve found that many indie patterns do.

Peace and ciao! Coco

9 thoughts on “That old Catch-22 blouse facing

  1. Please forgive my asking a second time, but is there a special type of paper you are using? I ask because I’ve purchased tracing paper on EBay twice. Once the paper was extremely stiff, still usable but difficult to store, fold and unfold. The second time a different type paper received is quite fragile. I handle it with major care, as it tears without much stress. Looking for a happy medium. I considered Swedish tracing paper – it’s rather expensive. Thank you.


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