A weekend ramble…

I’m feeling very mellow today – the weather is cool and drizzly, and I’m watching good films on Netflix with a crochet scarf project on my lap. So a chat, fresh coffee in hand..

I recently finished (another) Simplicity 8640 handkerchief hem dress, this one in rayon challis from Fabric.com. It’s called Telio Dali Rayon Poplin Print Botanical Floral in navy, but I’m not sure that’s correct. In the pic below, the fabric on the left is from the listing, and the one on the right is what arrived at my door. This is the second time I’ve had a ‘close but no bananas’ delivery from them. Weird.

Perhaps it was just fate, as my new very sunflower yellow Helen’s Closet Blackwood cardigan works perfectly with the dress.

I realized recently that I have an abandoned project in the Loft – I think I stopped working on it because I got distracted by Christmas projects. It’s a sleeveless blouse with a ‘statement’ collar, drafted using the Kathryn Brenne jacket, Vogue 9217. It will be finished soon, it’s cute.

I could not even remember which pattern and fabric I used, until I checked my Evernote files. I keep everything sewing on Evernote!

About that crocheting – I finally learned how to do a double crochet foundation row. It was a ‘duh’ moment for me when I learned that I did not have to do a basic chain stitch foundation. Tutorial: https://hearthookhome.com/foundation-double-crochet-tutorial/

To close, I must share an epic fail – the bodice in progress, my last post, did not work.

The collar was simply too heavy despite my efforts to support it. No tears shed. I had 5 yards in hand, and the remainder is currently being cut for a Tessuti Lisa dress!

I hope your weekend is peaceful, bye for now – Coco

10 thoughts on “A weekend ramble…

  1. I truly enjoy your blog — you are creative and everly optimistic, and at the same time a realist.
    I have done lots of sewing during the pandemic — right now it seems to be lifting, and I hope that people don’t move ahead of the curve — we need to follow the science.
    Although it’s still winter in New York, there are signs of spring and lots of ideas for spring and summer clothes. More power to you, Coco!

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  2. Thanks for your crochet tip. I hate doing that long chain as I can never remember where I am and it’s difficult to count chain stitches. Knitting is much easier for me!

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  3. I am always happy to see that you have posted. You are so inspiring and knowledgable. I would love to know more about your Evernote method of keeping track of your sewing. It looks so organised! Do you also file all your alterations in Evernote?

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  4. Love your spring dress! Even though fabric was not an exact match, it is still a lovely fabric. I have decided to postpone my current sewing project, to start a more spring time project.

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  5. I have to agree with Jaye above, I always love your posts and you fill me with yet more idea for future projects, so thank you.

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  6. Love the subtle upgrade to the collar on the white sleeveless linen blouse. I keep looking through my blouse patterns, vintage and otherwise, and haven’t felt a spark to sew them and I think it’s due to the generic look of the collars. The Lisa dress in that bold black and white is so fresh and fun. I’m inspired!


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