Decided to buy a new machine anyway…

Sewing Machine

After all the angst brought on by my recent sewing machine mishaps (my fault entirely), I’ve decided to purchase a new sewing machine. Even though my Singer Quantum Stylist is working just fine. I bought the Stylist about 2 years ago, really as an interim machine, when I managed to destroy my HZL-600 by selecting a zig-zag stitch with a straight stitch presser foot in place.

I decided to move forward and buy a Juki Exceed HZL-300. I admit I really love Juki machines. Jukis are powerful, and even the home sewing models are built around the specs of their industrial machines.

Some reasons, i.e., features of the Juki that are not available on the Stylist (or most mid-priced machines):

  • The presser-foot tension on the Juki is adjustable. Probably 75% of the fabrics I sew are knits. Adjusting the presser-foot tension removes about 50% of the agony of sewing knit fabric! And of course makes sewing thin or thick fabrics much easier.
  • It has a box feed. Which means it moves the fabric under the foot uniformly on each side of the needle. On the Stylist, I often get pressure compression lines on the fabric to each side of the needle and feed dogs..
  • The upper thread/bobbin thread tension is excellent and dependably adjustable. Over the 55 years I’ve been sewing, I’ve had 5 Singers, and they have all had tension issues, including the Stylist. I’m a picky sewist, this has made me a bit nutsy from time to time with the Stylist.
  • The bobbin winder operates on a mechanism separate from from stitching motor. The bobbin load is glorious!
  • The buttonhole foot is connected to the machine by a plug-in sensor. Not by pulling down a flimsy foot that stops and starts the buttonhole stitching.
  • And then there’s the stitching – there is no comparison. The Juki stitches are beautiful.

Comparing price: the HZL-300 is currently $575, on SewingMachinesPlus, and it includes 100 needles and a passel of bobbins. The Stylist is priced at $500. I buy all my machines from this company – they have terrific prices and service.

My HZL-600 included 12 specialty presser feet, including a walking foot, which I still have. All set.

A note on the Exceed series, 300, 400, and 600. They are all the same machine, the difference being the number of available stitch patterns. I think 105 is enough for me 🙂

I’m excited! Coco

4 thoughts on “Decided to buy a new machine anyway…

  1. OOOOO I would love to buy this machine! My Janome is a mess in so many ways. Thank you for the review and knowing exactly what you wanted.

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  2. Thank you so much for this info. I love your blog, but I seldom see sewing machine info on clothing sewing blogs. I’ll keep them in mind. My machine was twice the price with fewer features (and no control of feed dogs!). It is a good, sturdy machine, but when I get to where I can get a second Juki sounds like a very good investment.

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  3. The Juki HZL 300 was my first “grown up” machine. I bought it this year after using an entry level brother for a long while. I am absolutely in love. Having a knee lift has been so nice. Since I haven’t gotten to try any similarly priced machines, it’s reassuring to hear how much you like it!

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