Laughing at myself

Look at this note on my fridge – it has been there for 3 weeks. I put it there because I do not pay attention to myself!

In the last couple months, I’ve been a bit overwhelmed by house things I simply cannot ignore. My house was built in 1947, renovated in 2004. When I moved in a year and a half ago, I had my little bungalow painted inside and out. Had bug-proof screen installed on the patio (a Florida must-have). Changed out the interior lighting, got a new refrigerator, washer and dryer, new blinds on the French doors. A new A/C compressor and handler. A new roof!! But, after a respite, still more to do.

  • My water heater was 14 years old. Got a new one, check.
  • The 5-zone irrigation had never seen attention. Got it inspected and repaired, and learned about my water valves and so on. This is a big deal – check out that awesome back flow preventer. Just what I always wanted. Check.
  • About water – I did not have a shut-off valve between the city water meter and my house, on the main. Which meant I had no way to stop the water flow if I were to have a break or leak in the house. So I had one installed. Really sexy. Actually, there’s a really cute guy under that umbrella. Check.
  • Got the 6-month maintenance on the A/C system. Nothing sexy about this, so mundane, no pic, although my compressor is pretty awesome. Check.
  • And I decided, after one year, that my new leather loveseat is not meant for me. It’s too upright, too shallow, gorgeous but uncomfortable, and it made my bones ache! So I’ve replaced it with a glorious rocking recliner from LazBoy (pic from the store). Wow. I fell asleep in my chair last night watching Chips…yes, Ponch is sexy.
  • Finally something with a dress I made, my floppy garden hat, fertilizing the mandarin tree. Happy…

OMG, I am back to that memo on my fridge, I hope I can live by it. However, I just went to Ace Hardware for stuff…little stuff. Like major over-the-top cleaning of my food disposal, cleaning my bath drain, organizing my linen closet (which is already disgustingly organized). I just have to have some projects!

I hope everyone has a nice Memorial Day, full of gratitude for all those people who have made and continue to make us safe and able to enjoy the trivia as above.

Bye for now – Coco

13 thoughts on “Laughing at myself

  1. Yes! Thank you for another cheery and inspiring and humble post. I just love laughing out loud at myself! The note on the fridge, exactly! There’s something about coming out of C-19 lockdown and it being spring/summer that is definitely sparking my enthusiasm for more projects! LOVE your gardening attire (brilliant red dress, blue clogs, and floppy hat)! LOVE you!

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  2. Coco, thank you for reminding me! Even apartment dwellers have things that Need Attention: An AC that hasn’t been looked at since before C-19’s arrival, a socket that won’t hold a plug, plus the living room light fixture that flickers whenever the upstairs dog decides to run across the floor….
    🤪 (Thank goodness they’re so good about maintenance here.) Hang in there with your own maintenance chores and keep sharing with us – love your posts!

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  3. Some of us are simply project driven. My friends tell me that I do alot. It doesn’t seem so to me. At 73, I feel I rest more than I work. (That’s why I photograph my knitting and put my poems on a website.) It is ok to be project driven. I love your work. (I lived in an 1836 house for 25 years. I am relieved and happy to be living with my partner, John, in his house.)

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  4. Ah Coco. It comes and it goes. I know how you feel, I’m like that too. But keep posting, you cheer me each time. Keep happy, keep making and listen to your inner self.

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  5. I am also on a roll here with stuff that needs to be done. I enjoy ticking things off a list. Some are house related and some are me getting back to some fitness related. This afternoon I hope to finish some unpicking, top stitching and all, on a project that needs to be finished, more for my mojo than anything else.

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  6. Yep. All those mundane AND incredibly necessary tasks. They can be on the back burner for only so long before they flame up and create disaster 😳🔥 I love your discipline!

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  7. What a delightful and inspiring post this was, Ms. Coco! I feel the universe is looking outwards, too, once more. And your message confirms that! We “ole gals” sure know how to get it together and the importance of self care.

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