Monday Monday ramble

Sewing continues, and it is intriguing. But over the last year, I’ve been in and out of the loft. Of course I feel the strangeness of our lives. Because I’m retired, and have my time to myself, I spend many hours just reading. My second passion for my entire life. I admit, I want to learn as much as I can now, keeping my noggin bright and indulging in anything that beckons to me.

For the last year or so I’ve been deep into wars of the 20th century.

BarbaraTuchman: The Guns of August. The advent of World War I was so unexpected. Almost a family dispute.

Wade Davis: Into the Silence, Mallory and the conquest of Everest. And I’ve read it three times.

Barbara Tuchman: Stillwell and the American Experience in China.

Winston Churchill : The Gathering Storm ( I have his complete works, so I’m looking forward to many hours with is books. Where did he ever get the time…he is very readable and factual).

Stanley Karnow: Vietnam A History. A note here: I started with Max Hasting’s history, but I was very put off by his personal opinions and interjections. I’m not interested! I want the facts, no sauce.

John Toland: The Rising Sun.

More suggestions, excellent reading:

Ronald Spector: Eagle Again the Sun, the American War with Japan.

Philip Ziegler: Mountbatten.

I’m not a confrontational human, so without opinion and comment, I do recommend all of the above.

As we go into another wonderful week, with gratitude – Coco

9 thoughts on “Monday Monday ramble

  1. Thank you for sharing your reading list. Two other authors your may enjoy are Ben MacIntyre and Margaret MacMillan.


  2. Coco, take a look at Wondrium. It used to be called Great CoursesPlus. Very interesting variety, not expensive and pairs well with sewing. It’s good to be a life long learner. Happy learning and sewing!

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  3. Great blog. I too have been immersed in history during this plague. I reread Barbara Tuchman’s A Distant Mirror, spent a lot of time reading about early English history, read a series of books about NYC, also a-number of WWII histories (Churchill please more Churchill). Recently finished Saigon, a generational novel about Vietnam. I have been focused mostly on nonfiction too. I feel that I need to make my reading count.

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  4. I love a reading list. I have a notebook of lists and now I add your suggestions. Florida in the summer is great reading weather. Just curl up in front of the AC!

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