Polka dot season…

It happens every year – that polka dot thing. Hot hot summer and suddenly polka dots seem like popsicles. Gotta’ have some!

This year’s rendition is a Fabric Merchants cotton/lycra jersey knit, purchased on Amazon. It’s a heavyweight knit at 10 oz./sq. yd., and it’s perfect for a dress or jacket with structured design elements.

About the dress. It started out as straight-forward New Look 6936 with flutter sleeves, View C, the same version as my pineapple dress (here).

But in this heavy knit, color, and pattern repeat, the sleeves overwhelmed the dress and seemed rather stuffy. Now, here’s the thing: I knew I would not wear it with those sleeves. With nothing to lose, I took out pen and scissors and reshaped the sleeves to have a simple extended shoulder.

I always add a waistband between bodice and skirt on knit dresses. I use a woven cotton on the inside of the waistband, and the result has two advantages: it prevents having a stretched-out waistband seam, and it supports the weight of the skirt. Inside the band, I added soft Sport Waistband Elastic (from Wawak, 25-yard rolls).

Polka dots or popsicle, one is never enough…

Ciao! Coco

11 thoughts on “Polka dot season…

  1. I love polka dots too. I get emails from Marcy Tilton Frabrics and today’s was full of all kinds of polka dots. Take a look–some are just exceptional!

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  2. Lovely dresses, Coco, & great idea for the changed sleeve! Upon occasion I’ve wanted to cut down too-wide elastic – looks like that’s what you’ve done here. Do those 4 “channels”, as the advert calls them, allow you to do that, without the remaining elastic aging and going to bits?

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    1. On this Sport elastic, you can cut 1/4″ off either side without unravelling. I think that in high-action areas, this type of elastic will stretch out with use. On this dress, it gets very little action. On ‘pure knit’ elastic’, you can trim anywhere. I buy 2″ wide knit elastic on rolls, black and white, again at Wawak. You might check it out!

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  3. Oh love the polka dots; particularly the red dress. Great tip for the waistband. I don’t make a lot of knit dresses but I’m going to use that tip as the waist stretching out is one of the reasons why I don’t.

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