Style Arc Anais Dress

I am struggling to overcome the drab drab grey of this garment, so please bear with me!

I actually find the Anais pattern to be very appealing. The sleeves, the hemline, the vibe, just something…

And I thought it would make a cozy flannel house dress. Some notes:

  • I sewed size 10, which is a nice fit.
  • Irritating – the pattern has 3/8″ seam allowances, which is ridiculous for a woven fabric. I drafted my pattern with 1/2″ SA’s, thereby doubling the time needed to draw each piece. But worth it, as I didn’t lose any seam allowances while handling and sewing the garment. Cut edges on flannel will ravel, pull, and fluff …
  • The wide cuff is very comfortable and is a nice design feature.
  • I changed the shape of the pocket to be wider and fuller, using a favorite pocket from a BurdaStyle dress. I’ve never seen anything like the Anais version, kind of like a broken peanut!

  • And I topstitched the pocket to the front. I cannot stand a pocket flapping around in a dress!
  • The deeply curved hi-lo hemline is another great feature, although hemming it was not easy! In the end, I serged the edges, folded once, and topstitched.
  • Which brings me to the collar, which I don’t like at all. It’s so unremarkable, I think it just gets lost.

So, here’s what I’m thinking. I plan to do another, but (1) in a better color and fabric, (2) with some variation of patch pockets instead of the in-seam version, (3) with hem facings, and (4) with the collar from Simplicity 7051.

As for this version, well, I messed with a tunic length, then salvaged all those lovely buttons and binned the whole thing. I’m happy not to see grey flannel for a while!!

Ciao! Coco

5 thoughts on “Style Arc Anais Dress

  1. Oh, no, can you pull it out of the bin? In my mind’s eye I see bright binding up the front and around the collar, the pocket edge, plus down those long sleeve seams, maybe even the cuffs. Then the gray would act as a foil for the pretty, colorful binding.

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  2. As always, love all your posts. Thank you for sharing.
    Speaking of the rather tricky hem, I usually make a stiff cardboard form following the pattern and fold the fabric (twice)over the form with the ironer and handstich it. Hope my English is clear enough since I live in France and don’t practice often.
    All the best

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  3. A wonderful lesson on how we all differ!! I love everything about your latest dress! Love the color, the sleeves, the length and the collar!!. Another pattern to buy!

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  4. Coco, just to say how very enjoyable your posts are – I have taken more sewing inspiration and learning from them, than any other influence over the years.

    So – a huge ‘Thank you’ for all your thoughtful sharing.
    And hearing about what works (and doesn’t) is invaluable!

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