Fibre Mood Ermine Blouse – delightful

It’s that strange time of the year, between Christmas and the New Year. Wishing for more Christmas, anticipating the end of a year. So – I got myself into gear, makeup, camera, some action. Got to go for it and get off my stool.

I love this pattern. And I was totally inspired by a post by BloglessAnna, her Ermine is so beautiful. Sometimes, whether I really can port a pattern or not, I want to try it. This is one of those, and I am so glad I did.

It is beyond cute and appealing. Winter is here in central Florida, I am scouting my closet, but it is mostly warm weather tops. This pattern is a welcome change. A woven fabric, sleeves, perfect over my linen pants wardrobe, and, OK, jeans, although I seldom wear them. I love my jeans, but they often get overlooked because they are in a drawer, not in my closet. hmmm

Going straight into sewing notes:

  • Size Medium.
  • I drafted all pieces wih 1/2” SA. The original varies from 1/6” to 3/8″, but if I’m sewing with challis or something similar, I want a wider seam allowance..
  • I Added 3/8” to width of upper back and front bodice, both sides of center. If you look at the line art, the very high shoulder is evident. The design, the sleeve cap and high back yoke, reminds me of dresses worn in the 1800’s. I have broad shoulders., so this was a good change.

  • I flattened the sleeve cap to reduce gathers and pouf. Just a scant 1/4” at the center of the sleeve, drawn out about 3 1/2”. Just don’t like poufy sleeve caps…
  • I drafted front and back neckline facings, 2 1/4” wide, which finish at the same width as the front band. The pattern uses bias binding to finish the neckline, IMHO, not very pretty, loosey goosey, and much more work to fit than a facing.

  • Nice sleeves, they end right at the wrist bone on me. My long sleeve is 25” from shoulder, these are 23”. The pattern measurements for the sleeve are a bit weird but the sleeve worked for me.

I really like this pattern, challis is perfect, and I’ve ordered an outrageous pink/black leopard print challis for my next one. Go figure.

The end of 2021, I hope you are well and able to embrace all the changes the last year brought us. Personally, I have been challenged, and my New Year resolution is (1) to flex more to my world as it is now, and (2) to champion myself more. I’ve often felt overwhelmed. About eight years ago, my son said to me that happiness is a decision we make. On my fridge ever since…

With deep caring and best wishes for you all, my special friends, Coco

10 thoughts on “Fibre Mood Ermine Blouse – delightful

  1. I am just about to go and rummage through my stash after seeing your Ermine which is gorgeous ! I was pleased to see that the neckline isn’t too high and I am also going to reduce the sleeves as you have done. Looking forward to seeing your next version ❤️

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  2. The blouse looks lovely. Your blog is so enjoyable and inspiring; I always look forward to reading it. Best wishes for health and happiness in 2022.

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  3. That’s a beautiful pattern, Coco – and it looks terrific on you! I always appreciate the little tweaks you make so that the final look suits you better. Lovely! And I think I have that challis fabric – great idea for using it!

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  4. Best wishes to you for the new year. You are an inspiration – way beyond garment sewing.
    I enjoy your pattern problem solving although my issues are very different. The approach still works.
    Your comments on other subjects are spot on and enjoyable, especially the latest leaky issues. What a hoot!
    Stay strong. We are women . . . . . .
    Long Beach, CA

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