Sewjo – it’s spring and I’m lost…

Down here in gator land, our cool weather is quickly slipping away. So I’ve been thinking of new things for spring.

However – I’m feeling challenged. I really do like to sew every morning (and watch Netflix in the late afternoon). But what to do?

I decided to sew Simplicity 8889, Mimi G’s summer shirt, which I found on Etsy for $6.50, considerably less than other choices online. And it’s a minor disaster, Bin-worthy. Because the neckline is trying to strangle me.

I have so little patience and simply want comfy yet fashionable things in my closet. Hmmm…

Since I included a Pattern Review photo, a few words. I am a 3-star reviewer on the site, but I deleted all 125 reviews I had posted, subsequent to their blocking all forums about Melania Trump’s inauguration parade dress. As being political. I know the site is privately owned, and I respect that, but it really really rubbed me the wrong way. Beyond ridiculous. Don’t need it, won’t contribute.

Moving on, here’s a view of the line art, super cute.

I tossed my shirt rather than struggle with it, but I kept the pattern. Both the shirt hem and the pants are really intriguing, details that I can use again.

Last week I used a remnant of Kaufman Laguna knit jersey to make a Cali Faye Gardenia dress. Just image the pic below in white instead of black.

This is one of my very favorite knit dresses, and I’ve decided to order Laguna in black. BTW, I make mine with a midi length hem, my only change. I truly like the sleeve, being self-conscious about my scarred scleroderma arms. I know – in a perfect world it doesn’t matter, but I am far from perfect πŸ™‚

Meanwhile, I ordered a beautiful canvas from Stof, destined shortly to be 30″ x 40″ framed art for my bedroom.

STOF France Maisonnette Duck Multicolore

It joins two other fabric pieces from Stof that I’ve framed for the bedroom. All are large prints, vibrant, unusual, each is a journey and simply nice to have around me.

STOF France Zoya Multiflore
STOF France New Orleans

Forgot to add. I just joined and was treated to a free download of the very popular M7969! I made it in 2019, chose the wrong size, and didn’t keep the pattern. Now I plan a search for a nice print and a remake.

That’s it for now. It’s late, it’s decaf coffee time, and I need to order that black knit fabric before I run out of things to do πŸ™‚

Ciao – Coco

6 thoughts on “Sewjo – it’s spring and I’m lost…

  1. I appreciate the information about Pattern Review, I didn’t realize they had done that but I had noticed on a number of occasions that some people had deleted all of their reviews and I wondered why they had deleted them instead of just not post anymore – so now I know a possible reason. I am so tired of all of the political rhetoric, hate and division everywhere you go, especially when it works it’s way into something like sewing! I enjoy reading your blog – it truly does feel like visiting a joyful sewing place πŸ™‚ I purchased the Gardenia dress pattern last year because of your reviews of it so now I am reminded that it is time to make it! I’m trying to get to a point where I’m not constantly buying new patterns (shiny object syndrome) I’d like to hone my skills on some TNT patterns and then allow myself to buy some nicer fabrics, so you’re assessments here are very valuable to me! Thanks~

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  2. Hey! Thanks for the political info on Pattern Review. I’ve been out of touch with PR for a while as Life has been hectic with family health issues. So petty of them to take down the M. Trump discussions about her beautiful dress. Without looking I’m willing to bet info about M Obama is still there. This world has become so full of HATE. No tolerance is just plain wrong IMO.

    So, I’ll also mark PR off my contributions and go back and delete any reviews I have (which would be old ones anyway).

    I always enjoy your blog reviews and getting an insight into the beautiful things you create! Sorry the Mimi G pattern didn’t work. I’ve never cared for her patterns, but I’m not knocking them. They generally are just not for me. πŸ˜‰

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  3. Like Ruth, I enjoy your posts so much! I learn from you every time I read a post, and I’ve hunted down more than one fabric or pattern that you’ve talked about. Hope you get your sewjo back! Mine ebbs and flows around how well the pants project is going at any given time.

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  4. Sorry your top didn’t work out. It’s the way it goes sometimes. At least you know when to call it quits. I’m still learning fitting adjustments – so nothing I’ve made so far has been wearable in public. LOL I can visualize that dress in white. It falls in line with a lot of style I have seen you wear.

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  5. Coco, I just love your blog posts! Your willingness to chuck in the bin a project that just isn’t going to work is so freeing. I would put it in the closet where it would haunt me, trying to thing of something I could do to salvage it. I also don’t like close, snug collars. Since I have forward-rounding shoulders, some tops do indeed feel like they are strangling me. I am still learning all the alteration steps.
    Thanks for being an inspiration!


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