Hot Patterns Trilogy Dress Part I – the jigsaw

Summer is coming, and I’m on a quest for midi dresses, comfortable, stylish, drapey… I’ve been looking at the Trilogy pattern for years, and I finally decided to try it. Hot Patterns have a way of discontinuing their patterns, so better now than later!

The jigsaw: the pattern has 3 lengths – ‘top’, tunic and dress. Rather than build a PDF file with separate outlines for the 3 versions, they built a jigsaw. Top + add-on = tunic or Top + add-on = dress.. Which I really appreciate, since the approach saves paper and ink, not to speak of tape!

But gritting my teeth, it’s time to whine:

  • The PDF file is not size-layered. In this day and age, this is just plain silly.
  • Hot Patterns has a no-trim approach to their PDF files. Nice. But I cannot, no matter what my printer setting, get the entire page to print. My printer does not handle a borderless print. Even on a4 paper, some details would be missing. I spent about an hour and lots of printout trials trying to overcome this weirdness. I caved, and I just assumed the path of any empty spaces between pages.
  • More aggravation: how to put this tjigsaw together. There is nothing in the pattern file, which includes the instructions, to provide a clue. I found the answer in a remote corner of a file called Trilogy Arch E.pdf. I copied just this bit and printed. Here you go, pure gold, remember me…

CUT THESE INSTRUCTIONS OUT AND KEEP THEM…How about if Hot Patterns just put this graph in the instructions!!!

Exhausted. This is not my first go-round with Hot Patterns, but we’ll see where this goes. Part II, coming soon, the muslin! Why am I feeling so forgiving and complacent about something on which I’ve spent and entire day? 🙂 Coco

7 thoughts on “Hot Patterns Trilogy Dress Part I – the jigsaw

  1. O, Coco! The idea of PDF patterns seems so promising but not without drawbacks – and this takes the cake! I’m glad you shared this because it takes the sting out of a similar experience I’ve been having the last few days! (And, thanks to Renita for much-needed giggles with her quip of Hot (Mess) Patterns!)


  2. Ah-ha. Now I know why I’ve never looked at the paper copy I have of a Hot Patterns top. On behalf of us all, thanks for your explorations, Coco, and for suffering on our behalf. You raise very good points.

    Coincidentally, I also have the same problems. My (Canon) printer also will not print borderless. It won’t even tell me how much it automatically cuts off, but that’s a different whine.

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  3. Maybe they should be called “Hot Mess” Patterns!!! I have never succumbed to their cute illustrations and I don’t do PDF patterns. Good luck, Renita in NC

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  4. The lack of an instruction book in these patterns (I bought the printed ones) is maddening to me. I don’t want to cut out scraps of odd sized paper as my directions.

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