Fibre Mood Tilda dress variations

Fuzzy photo time – apology! I’ve been working on this dress for what feels like ages. I started with an inspiration dress and blouse, and landed on the Fibre Mood Tilda because of all the possibilities. My targets:

and the Tilda, with planned changes:

Being wary of the curves, I did an entire muslin, with and without a sleeve. And worked it until it fit.

OK, I think this is really blah on me. And it will be shortened to blouse length and worn with white summer pants.

Nonetheless, some sewing notes:

  • The fabric is a Telio rayon/cotton 50/50 blend. The cotton adds just enough structure to make this a dream to sew. From by way of Amazon.
  • My dress is a meld of sizes 10 – 12.! Because the pdf file is layered, this is fairly easy to do.
  • I my tissue with 1/2″ SA everywhere. I never never ever use a SA of less than 1/2″ on woven fabrics because raveled edges are such a hazard.
  • I left off the collar and faced the entire neckline (the pattern suggests bias binding on the neckline). IMHO a facing is essential to anchor a garment built in lightweight fabric.
  • And I totally cheated by stitching down the closed front placket in line with the button placement, to prevent those unsightly gaps that can happen when one is seated. My buttons are sewn through the facings, not a buttonhole in sight!

In the end, I think I have a decent blouse pattern and a perfect template for a lovely v-neckline. And I’m off to work on my jigsaw puzzle. This dress was exhausting and remains an object for contemplation in the closet for now.

Ciao! Coco

6 thoughts on “Fibre Mood Tilda dress variations

  1. Well done. I do hope you wear the dress for awhile before shortening to a blouse. I think the dress looks great on you. Your construction changes are very informative. Great job and you do have options for a future blouse, too.

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  2. I love the dress on you! I think a collarless dress is perfect for the summer – so cool. And I would never, ever, use bias tape instead of a proper facing. Lovely to see you active on your blog again.

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  3. I love a faced neckline. I think they hold their shape so much better than a neckline finished with bias tape. I have several J Jill t-shirts & most of them have a faced neckline. Just have to be sure it goes over your head without needing the stretch factor. I, personally, like your finished dress.

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  4. I agree with all of your sewing notes! Binding is NOT an option. Though I disagree with you that the dress is blah on you. Perhaps with a brief stay in the closet, the dress will come out refreshed in your mind and you will love it.

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