New Look 6352 variation – new dress

Deep summer…and a new dress aspiration. I am decidedly tired of ruffles and gathers, I’m looking for something more flattering to my, yes, youthful silhouette. So I’ve been drafting and sewing and tossing a bit 🙂

I went searching for a maxi dress with ‘willowy’ lines, something that would work in a soft material. Bingo.

Actually, I’ve been looking at this pattern for years, really years, since it’s in my stash, and finally decided to give it a try.

I have the original envelope, and, rather than cut it, I drafted my pattern to keep the original intact. I altered my draft to have the neckline and armscye of the Tessuti Lisa dress. I have broad, square shoulders, and I like the way the Lisa dress accentuates that.

So the Lisa dress bodice is my main change. I sewed this in a lovely random polka dot challis from, Telio Devon Rayon Poplin Print Floating Dot Black/White, nice. Pics!

This is actually the first thing I’ve made since spring that I really embrace. I look over the many things I’ve sewn and tossed. What is this!! I’m trying to get my mind in a good place, I read a lot – 11 books in the last 3 weeks or so – and continue to study the difference between and applicability of differential and integral calculus. In addition to slogging my way through Sir Winston’s books on WWII. The included preponderance of exchanged letters can be daunting.

A happy face, nonetheless. I am letting my wiry white hair grow, a challenge by itself, but when I can do a fun bun, well, there you go.

Ciao! Coco

5 thoughts on “New Look 6352 variation – new dress

  1. Oh wow! “continue to study the difference between and applicability of differential and integral calculus”??? I’m wildly impressed. I’d rather do almost anything else. Most of my life has been designed around avoiding calculus! 😀

    But seriously, your sewing is lovely, and I do identify with the sewing and tossing. I don’t make a lot of things because I’m slow and learning, but few seem to come out the way I wanted. A combination of skills/knowledge and fabric choice. I’ll get there one day. I really enjoy seeing what you make! I don’t read as much as I used to, between work, knitting, sewing and keeping up with the house and garden. Choices…

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  2. Pretty dress, Coco. Suits you to a tee! I’m also here to say it was YOU who got me interested in The Lisa dress two summers ago. I absolutely love that pattern, and yes it really is a versatile pattern. Works great in a bolder print as well as softer, more subtle prints and solids.

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