Pattern Emporium Sweet Cheeks Sweater

Time for a new pattern! Yes, this is way out of season, but I was very eager to give this a go. And I love it.

I do feel uneasy about the name – Sweet Cheeks. But I’ll overlook it – I just hope no one asks me its name.

Sewing notes:

  • My fabric is a brushed French terry from It’s a light sweatshirt knit, and it’s very easy to sew.
  • I sewed size 10, and I drafted my tissue with 1/2″ seam allowances, instead of the included 1/4″. I just cannot imagine sewing most knits with such a scant SA.
  • My version is the high neckline and cropped length, with an additional 2″ in length. The pattern is generous with its length choices, mine falls between the cropped and hip lines.
  • I added 1 5/8″ to the length of the sleeve – it’s pretty short, plus I like my sleeves to cover my wrist bone.
  • I cut my front and back bottom band to the width of the back band, and I opted not to slit the band at the sides.
  • I found the neckband to be too narrow for a nice finish. It was also too long and had a ‘stand up’ look to it. I removed my first neckband, aargh, and cut a new one that is 3″ wide and 1″ shorter than the pattern. To compare:

Original neckband
New neckband

A nod and thank you to Katie Kennedy, @kak513, who has sewn a bunch of these sweaters and was so helpful in discussing the neckband and length options with me. You can check out her beautiful tops on Minerva and Instagram.

IMHO this pattern is a winner, a fun pullover for cool weather! Perfect over pants and leggings. It’s easy to sew and has meticulous directions. I didn’t print the instructions because it is a volume and has billions of examples sewn by an apparent legion of testers. Go for it!

Bye for now – Coco

8 thoughts on “Pattern Emporium Sweet Cheeks Sweater

  1. Hello!

    I enjoy your blog. It inspires me to continue to improve my sewing skills.

    When you say that you draft the tissue pattern to increase the width of the seam allowance, how exactly do you do this?

    Thank you!


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    1. Hi Diane! I make a copy of the pattern pieces from the taped-together printed pattern, using medical paper, the kind you see on the doctor’s table (comes in rolls, ordered from Amazon). As I trace, I add to the seam allowance, in this case I added 1/4″ to the included 1/4″, to have a 1/2″ seam allowance on my copy. BTW, I also make a copy when I use an envelope pattern, that way I can always go back and make another size or blended size from the original pattern. Hope this helps!


  2. Good review..thanks for pointing out the neckline issue and how you corrected it. Why do we continue to have neckline binding issues? Perhaps because of the massive varieties of knit fabrics.

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