New year, new directions

How I’m feeling!! As for many, I tend to get into a rut of comfort styles. But a couple days ago I put on a really svelte knit maxi dress and matching long cardigan – and went to my dentist. Everyone kept commenting on my outfit, they loved it. They even loved my white tennis shoes (how ‘in’ is that…).


Well, it’s a new year year, and for me, it will be a year of sewing and dressing for attitude: I like feeling attractive. Goodbye to my granny dresses – the Tessuti Lisa dress is my worst contributor, sorry, but on someone my age, it’s a granny dress. As is the Cali Faye Gardenia dress. Throw in there my half-dozen tunic tops with the same styling. Onward with dresses, skirts, pants, tops, whatever, that are not just stylish, but also let me appreciate that I really do pay attention to what I wear. I enjoy how that makes me feel.

I will be 75 next month, not at all sure how that happened, but in my heart I am 28, and I just love feeling stylish.

So – Happy New Year!! and I’m revve’d – Coco

22 thoughts on “New year, new directions

  1. Hi Coco! I just loved reading this post, it made me smile. Your revved up frame of mind came through and I am so excited to see what direction you take and your pattern selections. BTW, I always thought of you as very stylish in what we can see from your home decorating choices and even when you wear comfort clothes because your are an interesting person, who is interested in so many things and so full of life. Happy New Year to you!

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  2. I’ll be 75 this year , too, and I share your love of sewing and looking stylish (sometimes even while comfortable!). I also enjoy your blog. There used to be so many bloggers that I followed, but most went to Instagram, which I dislike because of the many sponsored ads and “suggestions”. It’s really just a time-waster. I hope this year is wonderful for you.

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  3. Happy New Year, Coco! You never know what will be inspiration to get your sewjo back! I look forward to hearing all about it! Your blog is always inspiring.

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  4. Hi Coco
    I check your blog regularly and really enjoy learning about your projects — lots of good ideas! and great clothes! I too am a lifelong home sewer and one of the advantages of having done it for a lifetime is that I can make just about anything — a super power! And I agree that it’s too easy to fall into “grannycore” — there’s a fine line between artful and frumpy. So here’s to you! However, with all these good spirits, why choose the picture of two ugly old women — even as a joke? You don’t look anything like that, and it seems counter to the inspiration you share. Thanks!


  5. I will be 74 soon…i agree…time to look stylish plus I have 100s of lengths of gorgeous fabric to use and if I don’t use it up soon…………….

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  6. Good for you! I like to feel feminine and look nice! People ask do I have an event to go?
    An another thing, clothes for women are absolutely horrible and such poor quality..
    I’m planning to start making clothes in the future. I hope is true… You always have been an inspiration to me. Let us know some of your future patterns.

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  7. Coco you are a woman I can totally relate to. I am 71 in February and have been sewing all of my life in order to create my own style. It’s fun to enjoy the privilege of being a woman through what we wear. I applaud you for “doing you”. I have always enjoyed your writings and seeing what you have created. Keep it coming!
    Loretta Somerville
    Pittsburgh, Pa

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  8. Coco, I’m right there with you. Next month I will be 70. I’m starting to dress with French Chic style. Channeling my trip to Paris last summer. Marie Anne LeCouer on YouTube is my new style heroine. No more frumpy clothes!

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  9. My hairdresser commented to me a couple of months ago that one of his clients was so ‘old’, because she dressed ‘old’, spoke ‘old’, thought ‘old’ and he was sure she was at least 70. I am 70 so I was insulted and told him that. His response was that I don’t think ‘old’ so as a result, I don’t dress or talk ‘old’. You don’t think old (whatever that is) so feel free to reinvent your wardrobe!

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  10. Coco, you are so right, we all love to be reminded that we look so chick, lovely jewelry, your outfit is so you, etc. I am 68 and need a fresh look on my style which can be so difficult to find.
    i think you should take a few pictures of your inspiration outfit. I would love to see as you begin your pattern shopping.

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