True Bias Shelby dress – mellow muslin

So, in line with this being a muslin, I’m totally bed-headed and unadorned! It’s early πŸ™‚

I’ve been looking for this pattern design for ages. It’s a throwback to the 90’s, when this dress style was so popular. I bought my first one in Brazil, soon found a couple more at the Limited, and loved them for casual Fridays. I see similar styles now on Pinterest, generally described as a French dress, often with cute sleeves.

Beautiful drafting and options from Kelli at True Bias:

I used this yellow chambray because it’s destined for face masks – it’s way too much yellow for me to wear, and of course it doesn’t have the drape of a voile or challis. However, it was easy to manipulate, mark, and adjust during my fitting of the dress.

Sewing notes:

  • Drafted size 10, view B, based on my bust and broad shoulders and back. It fit nicely in in the shoulders, back, and upper bodice, but I took a lot out of the balance of the dress after I sewed it to the original seam lines.
  • Removed 6 3/4″ from the hemline – it’s long!
  • Took in the side seams and back princess seams starting at the waist curve, down to the hemline.
  • And took in the front princess seam quite a bit at the bustline. I did this in small increments until I had the fit I liked.
  • Small changes, I added 1/2″ to the short sleeve, and 2″ to the ties. The latter were sewn with a 3/8″ SA instead of 5/8″.

On Emile!

Next up for this cute dress, Telio rayon challis from

I hope you and your community are well and safe, Coco

Monday Monday #2

Thursday, but flexibility is a nice trait, right?

I’ve been researching indie patterns on Pinterest, since PDF downloads are perfect for this virus season. And I happened on the True Bias Shelby dress – my muslin is almost finished, and it will be my next post.

I also have two patterns for a v-neck bow-tie blouse (yes, the Sew Over It pattern is one of them). So far I’ve chosen incorrect sizing, and I’ve put the patterns aside for another attack in a few months.

Speaking of attacks, it’s love bug season here in Florida. Funky insects that hook up tail to tail to mate, and fly around like that for ages. They make a mess on cars, but I’m home so I just watch them on my porch screens.

Calm in the storm, I’ve taken up crochet and have worked with a couple nice shawl patterns. This one is on Ravelry,, by Johanna Lindahl. I really like the pattern, but won’t keep this version as my Lion Brand yarn has a metallic thread that doesn’t work for me.

Lion Brand Shawl in a Cake, Namaste Neutrals

The shawl in progress, however, will be a keeper. It’s the by Winding Road Crochet. I’m using the same yarn/colorway (Moonstone) for mine.

Red Heart It’s a Wrap Foggy shawl cake

I really enjoy the rhythm of crochet – not having to follow dense instructions, just grooving out with something interesting on TV, chilling..

Other stuff…It’s so quiet here at night, we are under a curfew and few cars are out. I’ve been enjoying hearing the trains. The track is about a mile from me, I love the way they sound as they travel a crossing.

And we are up to date πŸ™‚ My son arranged a shopper for me, and my small grocery order will be here soon. Navel oranges and lettuce!

With thoughts for all, thank you for your companionship, I hope you are well, Coco

McCall 7597 Tunic dress redux

This is a true revival, because I somehow tossed this pattern (I was in the midst of a style change cycle). But I recently wanted it back – found and ordered on Etsy. Whew.

I first made this back in 2017 (post here), and I really enjoyed the ‘possibilities’ of this classic tunic design. I even drafted a v-neck version, which I revisited in this version.

As I’ve been hankering for slow, challenging sewing, I decided to use bias trim around the bib as well. Ha. It was not easy! because it forced me to bind the neckline rather than use facings.

I also think I went overboard, as I used a contrast and trimmed yoke. Honestly, I wish I had not, as I don’t particularly like the way it looks. On the other hand, I cannot see it!

Fabric: Telio Sofia rayon challis,, purchased on Amazon

I’m in love with Telio fabrics from, and their Fabric Merchants line as well.

It’s a rainy day here in Orlando, very cool and quiet. All the trees are deeply green with new leaves and the benefit of additional moisture. We’ll be in our rainy season in another couple weeks, much needed after record heat this spring. My only regret is that I cannot visit plant nurseries and start the gardens in the front of the house. Small small issue in these times.

Continuing thoughts and prayers for the well-being of all, Coco

Monday Monday #1

Perhaps this will continue – I received so many beautiful and uplifting comments on my last post (thank you from the heart), and I realize how much I’m seeking companionship at this time. So a rambling post from the loft πŸ™‚

Easter Sunday. David drove around College Park and hid eggs in nine friend/family yards, wrote scavenger notes for each location, and he, Preston, and Preston’s mom went on an egg hunt.

It was wonderful for me to talk to and see them from a distance. I left a note and treat for Preston on my porch. Gosh I miss them.

On the sewing front, I feel fairly energized. I don’t have a deep stash after moving last August, so I’ve been doing some replenishment with online orders (bet that sounds familiar). Amazon is incredible – I find many fabrics from favorite sites available there, and, having taken up Amazon Prime a month ago, the shipping is free and fast.

It’s not all fabric – I’m still ‘working’ on my new home, and ordered a bedframe and porch furniture in the last couple weeks.

But a lot of my orders are indeed fabric! Thinking ahead, I am planning a jacket and trousers from two lovely fabrics. The jacket will be a print, the pants solid:

Kokka Animal World Llamas on Orange Cotton/Linen Canvas
Kaufman Essex yarn-dyed linen in taupe

Other stuff – I find myself craving spicy food and sweets, something entirely new! You? Weeks ago I picked up a lemon bar mix to make treats for my son and grandson. OK, baked and eaten…they were wonderful πŸ™‚

From my very last neighborhood walk. There are so many people out walking and biking that I’ve given it up to maintain distance. Maybe at 6:00 in the morning…

With warm thoughts for you all, Coco

Tessuti Lisa – Easter dress

Beautiful windy day – and I’ve kicked myself into putting on a new dress and spending some time writing.

While my sew-jo is fairly healthy, maybe a bit diminished, I find it hard to put on a garment and take pics. In fact, to be truthful, on most days I look for diversion on the TV or internet, and I long for bedtime. Isn’t that awful. Every day is so precious, and I know it. I am working on it…

This beautiful, airy, gorgeous voile was intended for my Easter dress. I was ready to hunt for Easter eggs and strut my stuff in church. Ok, understandable, but I still need to enjoy the spirit of this fabric.

This is the Tessuti Lisa dress, the original hemline with a 12″ ruffle added at the base. An earlier version is here, with sewing notes. Actually I might have forgotten to add that I raised the armscye by 1/2″, it is very low. And I can share that I used all of 4 yds at 54″ wide for this ruffled version.

More pics…

Fabric: Telio Verona cotton/rayon voile from

I hope you are well, Coco

Vogue 1644 Kathryn Brenne jacket

Such a delightful project with a pattern from a favorite designer.

I really enjoy Kathryn Brenne designs. There is always a bit of detail and opportunity in her patterns. I ordered V1644 as soon as I saw it online.
I’ve been thinking of doing a short jacket, something interesting for church (yes, all the women in church tend to flash their stuff, myself included. Not to mention that it is freezing in there, and a jacket or shawl is a must. I miss it terribly for many reasons and look forward to the time we can resume our church activities).

Meanwhile, I will keep on sewing!

Sewing notes:

  • I sewed a straight size 12 with very few changes.
  • My fabric is Bokeh cotton/linen denim from Moda, purchased at Hawthorne Fabrics. It’s 70% cotton, 30% linen, and it’s not really a canvas. I laundered it 3 times to remove sizing and allow for shrinkage before I cut the pattern. I love it!
  • Having the benefit of a couple of pattern reviews, I reduced the flare in the center back seam. With a rather flat fantail, I don’t need it.
  • Having a small bust, I removed the bust dart in the front princess seam. I thought about taking out some of the curve in the seam, but after basting, I was happy with no change.
  • I went crazy with Hong Kong finishing on the seams, using lightweight cotton/poly broadcloth.
  • The jacket has 3/4 length sleeves, to which I added a ruffle for a full length! After narrowing the bottom of the sleeve, I cut a 17″ x 5″ strip, folded it in half, gathered it, and attached it to the sleeve hemline. I really like this!

My thoughts are with everyone, and I hope you have some nicely distracting sewing projects in play. For now, Coco

Project bed frame

A much delayed project – I finally found a bedframe I really really like! Better, I ordered it on Amazon and received it in 3 days. Big box!

It’s the Zinus Adrian Wood Rustic Style Platform Bed with Headboard …beautiful hardwoods, exceptional hardware IMHO (with an included ratcheting allen wrench), and straightforward construction. Did it myself in less than 45 minutes πŸ™‚

It has 12 wood slats, strung on velcro strips and anchored on dowels at the midpoint of the sides. Also some ‘sticky’ tape to help prevent mattress slippage. Actually I cannot imagine my mattress moving at all, as I’m small, and it is heavy. Note the metal bar and support legs down the center – it’s included on all size beds, even the twin.

I am so impressed by this bed and look forward to years of sleep. With my bear, of course. I’m assuming everyone sleeps with a bear…

Ciao! Coco