The journey – letting my hair grow out!

Not for the faint of heart – after 12 years of short hair, I decided to let it grow! I made the decision right after I cut my hair in late April. Oops. and I do have a rationale. My hair is very curly and wiry, more so since I let it revert to its natural white color. More and more, on its best days, when short, I needed to use products to dampen the exuberance. I despise and abominate hair products, just not for me.

The rest of the time my short do was not my favorite thing. Actually it got to be a bit depressing! I wanted to let it grow wild and free, kind of funky 🙂 Back when I started working, my hair was natural and very curly, as in the drawings I did in the ’70s, below. Remarkably, as I progressed in my career, I was under subtle pressure to tame down the beast…

Artwork, Lydia

This spring, I was inspired by Marilyn Davis, @Mazamattazz on Instagram. Gorgeous hair, go look.

So, pics along the way:

Looking over my photos in this period, I have been amazed at times by how many wrinkles I’ve managed to accumulate! But my wrinkles are all mine, and I definitely embrace them (I think…).

Ciao from hair grow-out central – Coco

Beauty tip – facial hair and beyond

Well, here we go, a serious tip for maintaining that smooth and lovely facial finish…

I’m talking about the hair and fuzz that wants to live on our lips, chins, cheeks, and other environs.

Not one of us is immune to this hair invasion!

For a while, years ago, I used Nair. And then DIY wax depilatories. Even a salon dipilatory.

What a waste of time, and, often, a pathway to ingrown hair follicles.

For some years, 10 or so, I’ve used a coiled spring tool for unwanted hair removal. Mine (I have two) have some obscure Turkish origin, a beauty store, but here is one from Tweezerman.

I use it on my chin, nasal folds, under my nose, and around my lips (are you aware of the hair under the tip of your nose). And this doesn’t mean it can’t be used elsewhere. Conservatively, from time to time, I’ve used mine to remove ‘fuzz’ from my cheeks that seemed to capture makeup. From there – use your imagination.

The point is, it’s not invasive, it’s effective (I’ve gone form hair on my lip to a bit of fuzz, easily removed), and you can do it. It’s no more painful than what the alternatives offer, and it’s all yours.

Beauty, ladies… Ciao! Coco

I feel lighter…beauty stuff


A tip for any one above 40. Your nose hairs WILL grow. Oooo. Worse than feeling them brush against themselves in your nose is the specter of people seeing them!

I use an inexpensive trimmer to tame them and my eyebrows (these get a little outrageous with age as well).


OK – weird but important! We need to be confident and comfortable in every possible way. If it’s just not your thing, kindly ignore 🙂

Ciao – Coco

A little beauty diversion…


I might get older, but I’ll probably never quit loving makeup 🙂 I had to learn how to do a selfie with my phone for this post, but I’m getting there.

Truth – I’ve been researching makeup techniques for ‘mature’ skin and so on. Pinterest has been a great source of Youtube videos on the subject. And I think I’ve learned a lot!

So, today I was in Target for lampshades and visited the beauty aisle. I was looking for lots of new stuff based on what I’ve seen. This afternoon I decided to do one half of my face with the suggested techniques – and I have pics! What a difference.

front 1

These photos are untouched, so give me points for being brave, right? And I didn’t do any concealer on my nose, so my morphea lesions are visible.

I don’t mind getting older (I think it’s a blessing), and I accept that my skin is looser and so on with age. Plus I have telangiectasis and morphea on my face, everywhere in fact, from scleroderma. I really don’t try to cover them, because most concealers, if not all, just look so artificial. But I want to look alert, bright, happy, and healthy.

On to play with makeup!

Foundation – I’ve been using Neutrogena Hydro-Boost for a couple years. It’s light and hydrating, and doesn’t settle in wrinkles and lines. The thing I learned is to apply it as a concealer in a triangle rather than use concealers that create owl-eyes.





Foundation laid, I used an eyelid primer for the first time in my life. Wow – this is a great product. It lightens the entire area between eye and brow, and creates a wonderful surface for eyeshadow.


Applying shadow – I have typical hooded lids for my age, and the Youtube videos were so helpful. I want a neutral/nude look with contouring that lifts my eyes. I chose Elf’s Shadow, Brow and Liner Palette. All the colors are matte and very dense. A little goes a long way. Elf is a new product at Target, and apparently it’s pretty popular. I was looking for Boots No7 products, but no go. My Walgreens does carry Boots, an old love from when I was based in Brighton. Great quality and selection.

elf shadow

And a weakness or an asset: I only use brushes for eyeshadow and so on. I’ve tried many sponge applicators and just don’t like them. I do keep my brushes clean, it just takes a minute to soap, rinse, and set aside to dry.


Those eyebrows – I used to have very thick brows, and now I have the sparser brows typical of my age. I want those super pretty outlined and shaped brows that look so presumptuous and pretty. I got Revlon Brow Fantasy in dark blonde. It has gel/brush on one end, and pencil on the other. Fantastic. I applied the gel first, then the pencil, and I was able to draw just the brow I wanted. Whoopee1

brow gel

I don’t use mascara, it’s just too much of an irritant. And I have a similar aversion to lipstick. But I’ve found a way to overcome the latter. I line my lips with an NYX taupe brow pencil, and fill in with my creme blush! The result is matte, not heavy, in fact I don’t mind it at all.


That blush – it’s generally my last touch. If I feel that any areas of my face are too dry, I dab a little olive oil on them, and then I apply Revlon Insta-Blush, which is a cream blush stick. I follow Queen Elizabeth’s example and put it fairly high and outside on my face. No apples for me. Plus she has great makeup.


Ta da – one half done. This was fun! and now I’m going to cleanse my face with Roc Resurfacing Disks. I love this product, it simply leaves my skin so clean and supple. Daily item, and I included it in my daughter’s Christmas stocking 🙂

roc Ciao! Coco

side 1

Some beauty fun…


Oh, let’s just talk beauty. Not controversial at all!

At the wonderful age of almost 70, of course I pay attention to products that help me overcome lines, dry skin, dark circles, hydration…

I started using serious skin products in my 30’s. Including a daily dose of Vitamin E oil, Retin A. Topped with Vaseline. However , now my skin is just too dry and thin for me to use Retin A. I’ve tried substituting Retinol products (mostly from Roc, a few others). But they’re very pricey, and I just did not discern a benefit.

So I’m more practical now. I need products that will stay with me for 12 hours, prevent dehydration, and keep my skin supple.

Foundation – for several years I’ve used a wonderful product from IT Cosmetics – Celebration! I originally bought it from QVC, and it came with an extraordinary brush (get this brush, you will toss sponges forever). And I still have it in my arsenal for photos and so on. It’s great, and I totally recommend it. It covers well, and, more, does not sit in lines and say, look at me. I use the ‘Light’.


But let’s move on to products that are available in the pharmacy/drug store!

For the last 3 months or so, I’ve been using a new foundation from Neutrogena. Yes, available at the drug store! It is wonderful! It has a very light and hydrating base, it covers well, and it just feels good. Neutrogena® Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint. I use the Classic Ivory, the lightest tint… I like it so much that I was concerned that it will be discontinued, so I bought extra for my ‘beauty stash’. I love this stuff!


Another concern for any of us who suffer diminishing eyebrows! Here’s a brow product that I simply love. The NYX Micro Brow Pencil. The crayon is soft enough to go on easily, and it is shaped in a rectangle, so I can define the brow line. It has a brush, and it’s working so well for me. I almost never go out with adding my brows 🙂


Aside: I don’t use lipstick most of the time. Just the feel of it on my lips makes me crazy!

Onward. I have very very dry skin. I  think I’ve tried just about every body oil on the market. My choice, and what I use every day, from Nivea. Seriously, this body oil makes my skin feel so nice and takes away the pain of dry skin. I get out of the shower and use it everywhere. and I slather it on my face every morning.


OK – are you ready for this? I love love petroleum jelly. AKA Vaseline jelly. To make myself feel like it’s a beauty product, I buy it in a tube. But I love it. I rub it all over my face every morning (yes, on top of the body oil), and it keeps my face soft and hydrated all day. I tried baby oil, in various formularies, but it doesn’t touch this…



Ah. Beauty. So important. Ciao! Coco