Turtleneck knit maxi dress


I’m so in love with this rayon/lycra knit fabric from Fabric Mart. It reminds me of a Jackson Pollock painting 🙂 So I held onto it for the perfect application.

Screen Shot 2018-12-22 at 9.13.18 AM

For this dress, I combined two favorite patterns: the True Bias turtleneck and the McCall 6559 maxi:


I guess I could have just used the dress version from the Nikko, but I know the McCall maxi is a perfect fit for me. Putting the two together was super easy, I just fitted the upper bodice of the Nikko to the M6559 dress.


Both of my patterns are size 10, and I’ve sewn both many times. More pics…





It’s cool every day now, and I enjoy the warmth of the turtleneck and the sleeves. Plus I feel a little elegant wearing this dress. So pretty.

Ciao – Coco

Is it Christmas yet? Maxi Alder


The time between Halloween and Christmas is my favorite season. So of course I had to make a fun dress to wear!

Actually I searched everywhere for the fabric equivalent of the ugly Christmas sweater. Maybe I looked too soon, but I found this cute stripe pattern, complete with silver snowflakes, at Walmart.


I just cut the Grainline Alder dress to a maxi length. And added a 1.25″ waistband, with elastic, for my first go at a Christmas dress.



It took about 3 yards, but I bought 4, just enough to make a little something else…

Loving the holidays…Coco

McCalls 6559 and back to basics that work


The nice thing about culling my closet of uncomfortable and ‘not loved’ garments is, of course, the opportunity to sew something else!

McCalls 6559 is a favorite, TNT, pattern for me.

M6559 lines

Earlier this year, I extended the shoulders for a bit of coverage and sewed it in an ITY knit:

And it’s the most comfortable and appealing dress I have. (p.s., I’ve made the tied cardigan a couple times, it’s a great pattern for same). I did a separate post on this dress (here),  but here’s a link to the changes I made to the pattern for the extended shoulder.


I’m in the garden today, staying green and enjoying the windy and dry weather.


This moss green ITY is from Fabric Mart, and it’s really a nice deep green, lightened for the photos.

I like this dress so much that I’ve ordered 3 more ITY knits from Fabric Warehouse Direct, all in solids. I think prints exhaust me 🙂 A plus for the purchase (big plus) is the price: $3.99/yard, 58″ wide. I can make this dress with only 2 yards of fabric in the size 10.

Last pic:


Ciao! Coco

StitchSisters Kaftan in a knit fabric


This didn’t take long! After my 5-day linen version saga (here), I indulged my curiosity and sewed this kaftan in a knit fabric. This is a lightweight rayon/lycra French terry from Cali Fabrics. It’s so soft! This exact print is not available at the moment, but they have similar prints and many solids.


My first post has sewing notes and a link to the pattern, but here are a couple notes on this version:

  • The first thing I did was to cut the back neckline too low. With the 75% horizontal stretch, it was just too wide at my shoulders. I took a small pleat, about 1 1/4″, at center back, stitched the pleat together on the inside for about 8″, and topstitched it on the outside to avoid exuberant behavior (I accented one side in this pic since the stitching is hard to see).

back pleat

back pleat full

  • After that little goof, the construction was straightforward. I decided to use the center front seam as suggested in the pattern, and I didn’t have any difficulty adding the neckline binding.

neck band

front close


Happy pattern and dress 🙂


Many thanks to the StitchSisters for this lovely (free) download pattern and abundant sewing guidelines. I’m off to post on Instagram, the #sewingsansfrontieres pattern challenge.

Ciao! Coco

BTW, here are some more Igram links for the challenge hosts:





StitchSisters Kaftan


This could be titled ‘how to turn a 1-hour project into a 2-day project!

I’ve been really intrigued by all the StitchSisters kaftans popping up on Instagram. So much so that I decided to give this free pattern a go and join in the fun.


My version is color-blocked with stripes.


And all that color blocking is which is why my project took a couple days. I’ve had lots of linen remnants this year, and I wanted to use them. I spent hours on the cutting board, futzing around with pieces. This is not my favorite thing to do. Working with my remnants, I managed this dress. Not all of the pieces are cut on the grainline, some are cut across the grainline, but always, all of them, straight. NO bias going on here.


Sewing notes:

  • I based my pieces on the size 8. I’m 5’6 1/2″ tall, so I added an extra inch at the hemline. And over an inch to the length of the sleeve.
  • My goal was to have the blocks grow longer, top to bottom, and have the color ‘weight’ go down as well.
  • I spent some time on the sleeve, within the first block, so that the sleeve/side seam would meld without a color interruption.
  • I thought an intermittent color stripe (pink) would balance the overall silhouette.
  • I did not use a CF seam on this. My back and front are the same width. And I drew my neckline from the Charlie Caftan and faced the neckline. It’s such a nice clean finish at this focal point.

I love the result!


This took a couple days, but it was was all fun 🙂 I really like this!

Ciao – Coco