A Full Moon for Christmas!

A rare full moon for Christmas – so of course I was outside last night trying to capture the event and maybe snag Santa flying across the moon.

I always struggle with night photos with my Canon Powershot. In this case, ambient light from the street lamps, plus the ever present glow from the city, kept me from getting a clear shot of the moon.

Never one to give up, I went out early this morning to try for a pic in the western sky. The moon had already set! Tonight I’ll go out later and try again.

But my early Christmas morning stroll was so pleasant – it was about 76 degrees, breezy, and very quiet. I love mornings.


I’ll be wrapping gifts soon, so here’s a look at a year-long project for Ashley and David. I researched our family, my side and their father’s, on Ancestry.com and created ancestry books for them.

The book is divided into two sections, by family (my last name is Starnes). 
All artwork is pen and ink, by me…

And has family trees, relationship charts, immigration dates and places, old photos, and odds and ends. About 100 pages of goodies! I used ‘MyHeritage’, a free family tree maker, for most of the charts and trees. Its reporting tools are much better than those of Ancestry.com. Another plus – it can be downloaded and used offline. 

‘A Christmas Story’ is playing nonstop on my telly – of course! Wishing you a fun day – Coco