Koos van den Akker

Even though Koos van den Akker has battled cancer for a long while, he seemed too vibrant and in the moment to leave us. But he passed away on February 4, 2015, in NYC.

I’ve been so influenced by this unique designer. By his obvious love of fabric, color, and form, and his ability to translate that to incredible and breathtaking garments. Koos’ imagination has always stirred mine – his work seems to radiate a free and unbounded spirit and creativity that is liberating. I’ve never thought I could create or sew as he did, but he opened my mind and eye to so many possibilities.

His story is fascinating, and a quick Google will bring up tributes from fashion sites, designers, and periodicals worldwide. I’ve also added a Pinterest board with many of his fashions, as well as his Vogue patterns.

Koos of course.


Harper’s Bazaar

2014 American Folk Art Museum Exhibition: Folk Couture: Fashion and Folk Art

Vogue 1106