mc2 Classy Harem Pants


Yes, I’m still working on sarouel pants!

Encouraged by my first pair (here), but discouraged by the ‘diaper’ effect of my own drafting, I kept looking for a pattern. And look what I found!


mc2 patterns are entirely new to me. These pants are so much fun!! I’ve tried to show the inseam and so on, so more sewing room antics ahead..



Sewing notes:

  • I drafted size Small and made no changes to the pattern, other than to take 1 5/8″ off at the top before adding the waistband.
  • The pattern suggests about 1.5 yd of fabric, but that is based on the layout below. I used 2 yards because I like to cut all my pieces in the same direction. BTW, I also cut out the size XL in about the same yardage.

layout for 52 inches

They do make me feeling like dancing. They’re great!



Ciao! Coco