You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch…

Hmmm. Like I did not already know that! I don’t often share a wadder, but I earned this one!

I was really excited to find this great wrap jacket with a belt. No buttons or toggles or zip. Patch pockets  and designed for fleece! Jingle bells! I thought this would be perfect for my Mom.

Meet Neue Mode 22314…

There is absolutely nothing quick or easy about this pattern! Beginning with the download, tape, mark, and trace time. Neue Mode patterns do NOT come with seam allowances (“to allow for better fitting…”).
And then there are the wonderful instructions. Seven or eight of them. Things like “attach the collar” and “sew the seams”. At the very end there are instructions for attaching the lining to the hem, with two illustrations – and the jacket is unlined!!
The worst part: After hours of sewing and fitting and finishing, the thing was just too big. Even though I sewed a size down from my measurements. So I cut it up redrafted the sides and reset the sleeves – which made it really funky.
At which point I called in my sewing consultants. They were horrified. Gave them egg nog.
 I knew some of this going in, I’ve sewn Neue Mode before. But I seem to have lost all memory of past experiences in my excitement over this pattern. And remember, I have seasonal jolliness, so I’m an easy target right now!
The pattern is in the bin, but I ‘m salvaging the fabric 🙂
Ho ho! Coco