More Harem Pants … grrrr

Hi to all! Well, I was kind of saving these pants for Jungle January…but just can’t do it. I need to get back to blogging, it’s Sewing Month, and I’ve been living in my Pattern Emporium Harem pants since my surgery in August. So here’s the pair no one has seen.

I am in love love love with this pattern. My original post, with lots of chat about the pattern options and what I ended up sewing, is here – two pairs, both in ITY knit.

And I wore another pair, in black ITY knit when I blogged my B5954 knit tops

 So this makes 4 pairs! All but the black have a plain hem…the black has a cuff, because I hemmed them too short and needed to add length. And I love them with the cuff. Kind of sexy. Maybe I should add cuffs to this latest pair!

this pic is the ‘real’ color…bright purples and white
Purple and animal print, my fav’s. 

The fabric is a heat-crinkled ITY from Fabric Mart, and it’s definitely not an everyday ITY. At first it seemed somewhat stiff and weird.  But it softened up in the laundry, so I kept it. I’m glad I did. Sometimes it pays to be patient and see what happens.

I even managed to keep the animals pretty much under control, so I don’t have a blaring target in the wrong places!

Where did my head go in these pics? Truthfully, I just got out of the shower. And I can’t reach above my head to do my hair yet. No way am I going to post a pic of my wet head!
I have 3 more pieces of animal print fabric in my stash, ready for January. Fabric and patterns – my weakness (aside from coffee).
It’s been a nice day. I started a Merchant & Mills Bantam Vest this morning. It’s not a big project and will be finished soon. In a rambunctious purple print lawn fabric…
Bye for now! Coco

Pattern Emporium Harem Pants…rockin’ the casbah

I’m a busy blogger this week. But I like these pants so much that I wanted to write them up as soon as I could. They are a blast to sew and wear!
Pattern Emporium is very clever with this design. So many options. Travelling the tree, I made the baggy fit in ITY knit, with a plain elastic waistband, the relaxed pocket, and the lounge pant hem. To achieve the fit I wanted – baggy v.s. slim – I used the size 16, one above my usual size. 
This pattern is thoughtful as well as clever: 
  • It has 2 hemline cutting lines, one for 5’5″,  and one about 3″ longer for taller gals. I so appreciate this, because at 5’7″ I’m forever adding to the length on things. 

  • A vertical line is provided, waist to hem, for cutting and spreading the front and/or back, for more overall width and ease. I used it to add 1″ to each piece, and then took the 1″ away from the upper side seam – 1″ at the top edge and cured down about 8″. This was to reduce bulk in the waistband. 
  • And it has the ultimate pocket. It’s all one piece, lining and facing. It really makes the pocket fast and easy, particularly for a slippery knit fabric. 

That’s all my sewing notes! Precedent setting. This pattern really delivers. I’ve made two other similar pants, Vogue 8909 Cuffed Knit Pants and the True Bias Hudson pants. The Harem Pants are absolutely my favorites.
I’m wearing these with one of my four Butterick 5954 knit tops. Yes, four now. White, marigold, avocado green, and red. Love in many colors.
Given my tendency to make multiples of things I really enjoy, of course there’s another pair of pants, again in ITY knit.

So freaking cute! I wore this pair to Cleveland Clinic yesterday, and even Mr. Doctor told me how stylish they are. Make these pants!

On another front, playtime continues. With a deep bow at the waist to Martha, at Now Sewing. Her post, about using Derwent Inktense Pencils on fabric, got me going. After my visit to the clinic, I was in bed at 7 p.m. and up again at 2 a.m. What better time than the dark middle hours for an experiment…

 Lab equipment: the pencils, a black Micron pen, paper, cotton broadcloth (pre-laundered), and aloe vera gel. Also clean water and paper towels.

There’s lots of info online about applying permanent inks to fabric. How to do it, preserve it, and wash it.

Fingers crossed that 24 hours from now, I have a good outcome.

The top of this image is my trial, dark and light color. The pink smudges are my impatient reuse of the gel without cleaning my brush. Good news – the gel really did keep the color from bleeding. And the Micron pen worked really well for the doodling.

The bottom image just shows how much the ink went through the fabric to the paper underneath. I was curious about how much destruction I might do to my bottom surface.

Wishing all a nice weekend – Coco