Making plans for a June Garment of the Month

Are you inspired by what women wore in the past? Fashion comes and goes – but it always seems to come back. In researching my next Garment of the Month, I came across these dresses from June of 1875. Oh my.

Beautiful, but thank goodness these styles are not trending! They must have been so warm.

Actually, I’m inspired by the gathered sundress from Pattern Runway. It has the cutest pockets I’ve ever seen. The entire dress is so pretty, I love the nipped waist effect and the summery bodice. The whole dress has a retro look – so appealing. Great sneakers!

Alas, it also has a back zipper, a no-no for me.

I thought about simply using a different bodice, with an elasticized waistband, so I can pull it over my head. And I’ll do this soon. But for my first version I’ve decided to make a skirt. A maxi skirt at that (I can always shorten it if I don’t like it long). Here’s my basic design:
Rather make it a pull-on, with an elasticized waist, I’m opening the front and using buttons all the way down. I’d like to keep the ‘nipped’ waist look. For fun, I’m planning to add a contrast bias band to the top of the waistband and all the way down the button placket edges, to match the binding on the pockets.
The main fabric is Nicole’s Prints Retro Floral calico from Alexander Henry, and the contrast fabric is Savannah Flower Dots calico from the Stonehill Collection. To add a bit more body to the skirt and diminish wrinkling, I’m using a Symphony broadcloth lining (it’s a very smooth, lightweight poly/cotton).
I’m looking forward to sewing this project! Working with the pattern (which is a PDF) and drafting new pieces for a skirt has been interesting. My living room floor should be covered with fabric soon!
Bye for now – Coco