Time out for a cold!

pillow Awful, right?

Finally after 8 days, I feel like I am emerging from this nastiness. Just enough to get going on a project that has been haunting me for a while.

I have 276 patterns! and only care about a fraction of them. They’re overflowing my  storage space and making me uncomfortable. Why do we hang on to things for so long?

I have my entire pattern inventory on Evernote, so today I went through it. I moved 172 patterns to a ‘Trashed’ folder, 2 to a ‘re-order’ folder, and left the balance.

Why trashed? style, size, indifference. Reorder? only two, loved, but the pattern is too big, and I don’t feel like re-drafting it. The rest,  much loved and not going anywhere.

I printed the list of my ‘trashed’ patterns, and tomorrow I will followup with a real clean-up in the loft. Meanwhile, it’s just me and the Kleenex, baby…

Hope no one else has a cold!! Coco

Got to have a second sewing machine…


After my Juki HZL-F600 gave out on me, I got a little anxious – I need 2 sewing machine ! Sewing, reading, needlework, knitting, artwork, they are what I do. And I do indulge myself so that I have what I need, when I need it, with the quality I enjoy 🙂

I’ve been sewing with my former backup, a Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist, for several days. And have really appreciated it. Quiet, even stitches, perfect straight stitch. Looking back, I know my Juki perchase was hopeful splurge. Not really a ‘better’ machine for me, as I don’t need all the whiz bang features. Since it broke last week, I’ve definitely fallen out of whatever love I had for it.

Here it comes, my new purchase: another Quantum Stylist.


I did so much research. And I’ll admit to a fondness for Singer – I sewed on a Singer slant needle machine, the one with the discs, for 15 years, I even had a new zig-zag disc crafted in metal when I was living in Costa Rica. I wish I had kept it. About 9 years ago, I purchased a very low end Singer and did not keep it. It worked, but was noisy and unpredictable. But the Stylist is a keeper. It is fully featured, has an auto-presser foot pressure, does lovely buttonholes, and ta-dum, has a metal chassis. The latter is a big deal – it’s heavy, stable, and, with it’s distributed footprint, very quiet. And at $290 on Amazon, new, it’s a great budget fit.

I’m going to use the new machine as my primary, I might as well take advantage of any upgrades/changes since I purchased my first one in 2012. And I’m jazzed!

Bye for now – Coco

p.s. I’m going to take my Juki apart, learn stuff, practice 🙂

Sewing machine in the infirmary…


Oh, thank goodness it didn’t get to this point 🙂

After almost 5 years, my Juki Hzl-F600, aka fancy, high-strung, and expensive sewing machine, has taken a dive!

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 5.12.51 PM

Suddenly today, the upper thread was not being picked up by the bobbin thread. In fact, it was forming a knot behind the bobbin case after about 3 stitches. Here’s the mess on the back/bobbin side of some stitching:


Of course, I cleaned everything, took off the casings, etc., to do it. Cleaned the tension discs. Changed my needles, rethreaded the machine. About 2 hours of hopeful work.

To no avail. I’ve spotted a worn thread guide on the bobbin case and also suspect the timing is off. A new bobbin case – which would only be a starting point – is almost $60.

Solution: I pulled out my trusty Singer Quantum Stylist.


And I was amazed by how quiet it seemed! I guess I had gotten used to my Juki slowly breaking down.

The Stylist is a great machine, does beautiful buttonholes, and is ‘uncomplicated’. I don’t plan to fix the Juki – I’d rather spend the money on a less picky machine, probably something that has been refurbished.

No woes! Coco

Fabric stash madness…


Breaking the rules…I had a fantastic shopping spree this morning at Fabric Mart. They have their pre-cut fabrics and fabric kits on sale.

This might be my best fabric sales/order ever. A little over 24 yards of fabric for $54, with shipping!


Included in there, 3 patterns. The Sewing Workshop Eureka top and skirt,

tsw eureka

McCalls 6608 woven and knit skirts,


And New Look 6150 ruched knit tops (perfect for tucking into pants and skirts)!


I love Fabric Mart. Great service, shipping, fabric, and specials. I’m getting dangerous with all the fabric and pattern additions to the loft this year. Wowser!

Ciao! Coco

Gifting myself – new serger


I am a serger aficiando! Just love them. About 90% of my sewing is with knits, so a serger is really important to me.

About 3 months ago, I managed to ‘kill’ my Juki MO654DE. I ran fabric through it at the 5/8″ seam mark, with the cutter dis-engaged. The needles jammed with the fabric, and bent one of the looper needles.

I looked into repairs, and, honestly, a repair and new throat plate, which carries the looper needles, would have cost almost as a new serger. Gulp.

Yes, I pulled out my old Janome 8002D, but, believe me, there’s no comparison. The Juki has a separate motor to drive the knives. Clean cuts. It makes a difference. My Janome tends to eat the fabric edges – the Juki does not. And the Juki is so quiet and steady.

So – I ordered a new Juki MO654DE from SewingMachinesPlus, same place I got my first one. But things have changed! Now the tension knobs have a pic of the looper or needle associated with them. And the price has dropped 🙂

It’s the holidays. Sales. I got this one for over $100 less than my first one. Less a 10% discount. And free shipping. Here’s what’s included:


That lower knife alone is $20. And it has a spare light bulb and oiler. I’m happy about this. I’ll keep my other Juki serger in the spare parts department in my garage.

And enjoy trucking on with my new serger!

P.s. I buy my machines and parts from either Sewing Machines Plus or Ken’s Sewing Center. Both are great. Fast shipping and terrific customer service.

A week till Christmas! I’m wrapping presents today, but still have one DIY gift to sew.

Ciao! Coco