Tweaking my dress form…


AKA, taking matters into my own hands…

This morning I finished the bodice on a new dress. And it would not go over the shoulders on my dress form (yes, you, Emile). What!

Emile has always been a little larger than life:  broad across the back and shoulders, a very large neck (well, it goes down to 16″, but my neck is 14.5″), a tummy I don’t have, and simply awful posture. But, for 5 years, I’ve managed. I should have bought a Small, but bought a Medium. Self image – I just couldn’t believe I could use a Small. Silly.

Anyway, I took a cup of coffee out on the porch and thought about it. I’m not overflowing with $ to buy a new dress form, so I came to a creative decision: plastic surgery.

Tools – If I still had a power saw, I would have used that!


Step 1 – Removing the non-collapsing problematic shoulder – it was pretty easy and not at all messy. The form is just plastic.


Step 2- Securing the outside fabric with narrow duct tape. In a chevron pattern to add some style to this project:


Step 3 – Finishing the edge with full-width duct tape so it’s smooth and pretty:


Result – oh boy, I did it, and this fix will likely hold up for a while.

Emile was a great sport.


Happy Saturday! Coco

A Lagenlook-drafting tale…

This was bound to happen.

Over the past few weeks I’ve sewn three dresses with a Lagenlook vibe. And I love them. One thing they all have in common is a plethora of pattern pieces – lots of pieces and seaming to get that iconic fly-away/belled look.

Being totally without anything else I HAD to do, I started thinking about drafting a simple dress – front, back, and sleeve – that would mimic those lines. It would be as easy to sew as a tee shirt dress.

Fun project! I decided to use the skirt from the StyleArc Toni Designer Dress and the bodice from the Sewing Workshop Cityscapes Dress.

A little time on the floor, with both patterns and more tissue on top, and I had something to sew.
Actually, this first version isn’t bad – but it is very unstructured through the body and sleeve. I do like the fabric (a pre-cut rayon/cotton/lycra jersey from Fabric Mart), so I’ll re-sew this as a tunic in the spring. It will be great over white leggings.
Not deterred, I went back to work. This time I kept the skirt from my first draft, and added the bodice from Sandra Betzina’s knit dress, V1297. The Betzina dress has a more narrow bodice and a French dart for shaping. And it has a nice slim sleeve.


I’ll be able to whip one up in no time – the dress at the top of this post was sewn just that way 🙂 Now I’m off to see what else I can do to make a mess in the loft. I’m thinking a nightgown.

Ciao! Coco