Relearning my colors…

jessica kerbawy Crayon art 56
Crayon Art by Jessica Kerbawy

Just when you think you know a couple things about yourself – skin tone, color palette – you go and let your gray white hair grow out in all its glory. Let the color games begin!

profilesI’ve been asked if my hair color change has affected my color choices. Honestly, at first I didn’t even think about it. I was more worried about finding the right hair products to keep out yellow tones. But lately I’ve had more sewing wadders than ever in my life, and I know why: I wasn’t really paying attention to that hair…

My hair color change has major impact – I went from a warm color palette to a cool one.


Except that I didn’t really make that change for quite a while! Recent mistakes include not one, but two dresses with dominant yellow-limes. Both make my skin very yellow!

green things

In addition to color issues, I  was flooding my face with nearby busy prints. I love prints, the brighter and more colorful, the better. Umm. Restraint needed – they are very jarring against my face/hair now.

scary prints

Yesterday I spent time in my closet, focusing on dresses and tops (my pants are ‘reasonably’ neutral – I do love prints on pants ), and I pulled out these guys:


Which leaves me with a nice selection from the cool side of the color wheel:

One thing I’ve noticed is that white and black are great for me now. I’ve always loved white near my face, but black is new territory. I’m really enjoying it. And I’m not alone -they’re predominant color choices for gray-haired ladies, whatever age, on the many sites I’ve browsed in my color journey.

A couple of the jewel tones – emerald, royal blue – are also new for me, but I find them really working now. This little Cali Faye Gardenia dress, sewn for wearing around the house, has been a surprise. I love how it looks on me!

Cali Faye Gardenia Maxi (2)

And this tunic has become a favorite as well.

sharkie 2

Did you notice that my closet is not exactly bulging now? Great reason to do some thoughtful stash replenishment (I needed an excuse, right?). Winging their way to me soon, some blues and white for outfits. And a few new patterns, to keep things rolling.

new fabric

What an interesting exploration, definitely fun and revealing. I’ve also watched a lot of videos on makeup for my ‘new’ palette, equally enlightening. But that’s another post. For now, back to those crayons. Here’s my take on the good/better/best – that box of 64 was a Christmas list item for years.


I would love to hear your experiences with shifting palettes and color discoveries!

From the really messy sewing loft – Coco

Emile’s new clothes


Well, chopping the shoulders off my dress form, Emile, was a great decision in one way – I can get my garments over her. But she has looked decidedly pitiful with the gaping holes where I wielded my saw. The tape helped, but it has been bugging me…

Putting off a replacement purchase, I decided that Emile just needed some new clothes. I’ve had a couple yards of 100% cotton rib knit in my stash for ages, untouched except for a few rib cuffs. And it was perfect for this project.

With some basic measurements from Emile, I made a very fitted tube that gives her a nice fresh look:


I turned the top and bottom edges to the inside and ran a line of elastic cord through the fold of the fabric. A cord stop lets me pull the hem tight at both ends. Works great!



And such pretty shoulders…


In my heart, I know I want to replace Emile anyway. Why is this so hard!? She’s getting rickety, in addition to being too large, so it’s time, but she has been good company.

I’ve been thinking about getting a display form, rather than one that’s adjustable. I don’t use mine for fitting anyway – I do that on me 🙂 This one from Only Mannequins looks nice, has good reviews, and is a fraction of the cost of an adjustable form. Any recommendations?

dress form

Thanks and bye for now! Coco


Sunday silliness…

snail fashion week by marcos noel

I think my sewing has  been influenced by the full moon and the cold front that came through here on Thursday…

Bad bad wadder.

The colors are all wrong for me, and it’s so drooby (borrowed that word, thanks!).  I used the bodice from the V8577 shirtdress and the skirt from the Serendipity Studio Diane Kimono dress. I think the fabric blew it. Terrible.

And this V1297 Sandra Betzina dress is simply too big. Even the sleeves are too long. Worse, I didn’t even notice until I took these pics. I sewed it three times last year, so I whipped up this one in no time. Ha.

But I’ll fix it.

Bye! Coco


Important! Some comments got blocked unintentionally…

I was horrified and disappointed this morning to find 3 comments that WordPress had blocked as spam, putting them in a queue for moderation. I’m so new with WordPress – the blocking was unexpected and unintentional. And I’ve revisited my settings (which were supposed to block only a couple words that I find offensive…).

I hope you will go back to Choices and read Valerie’s comments. My sincere apologies for this.





Well, here’s a post that a little bit of a departure for me. But it’s also important.

All the hoopla – politics. And this blog is not about that. It’s about DIY, sewing, companionship, sharing, finding the joy. But I also know that everything blends in with everything else. We are all multi-dimensional human beings.

So I’ll say this. ‘Whatever’ suits me. One of the greatest freedoms I enjoy is thinking and saying what I please. And demonstrating that how I choose. As long as I do that with due respect for people around me, and for the laws and process that I’ve accepted and cherish, I’m in a good place.

All of that being said, I want to share a decision I’ve made, which is to cancel my affiliation with Pattern Review. After 5 years of participation, I just discovered that discussion on the PR forums cannot include political or religious content. I was taken aback when a discussion thread about Melania Trump’s inaugural gown was deleted by the forum moderator, for being a political topic. Subsequent discussions – that are not being deleted – refer to her as a model, and have been permitted to continue.

Melania Trump is the First Lady of the United States. I cannot fathom the reasoning of discussing her impact on fashion, her choice of American designers, and so on, only in the context of her having been a model. And I find it to be a very distressing and disrespectful treatment of her as an individual and as our First Lady.

I regret every one of the 150 dollars I have spent to be a Friend of Pattern Review. I have deleted all my reviews, and I’ve requested cancellation of every trace of my membership.

And that is the choice I can and have made.

With a lighter heart, I’m back to sewing. Bye for now – Coco