How to say it…


I love all my followers and blog friends. But, I find myself overwhelmed by health issues. Scleroderma, heart, other TBD …

I am under good, wonderful care at Cleveland Clinic.

I won’t stop sewing until I have to! And I’ll continue to enjoy everyone’s posts.

Thank you all for your friendship and support over the last 6 years. Great ride.

Best – Coco


Playing with a copycat dress…



I think this Hugo Boss dress, beautifully worn by Meghan Markle, is so pretty. I love the relaxed look, simple elegance, and unexpected belt design.

I researched it as much as possible. It was shown in Boss’ 2018 Ready-to-Wear collection, but I didn’t find it available for purchase. A dress done in the same fabric is in his shop, so I did confirm that the fabric is cotton/poly plisse.


No plisse in my stash! but I decided to work with a rayon challis that I’ve had for a few months, but don’t like very much 🙂 It was an easy sacrifice. I also went through my patterns for something similar. I can’t wear zippers, so I knew my dress would not have the shaping of the original.

I settled on Burda Style 06/2011 #107, a simple A-link tank dress that, on its own, works best in something like linen, not challis. It has dropped shoulders, which I prefer, and neckline facings. BTW, those pockets are so cute – they’re topstitched to the front of the dress. I made it once 4 years ago, but at the time the style didn’t appeal to me (here).

06 2011 107

Moving on, pics of the dress:



I’m trying to overlook the print, but I still think this is a sad attempt! The high spot is the belt. It’s 54″ long, and I really like it.

All the time I was working on this little disaster, I was thinking about how much more I would like it in a knit fabric. I recently got Christine Jonson’s #526 wrap dress, which has a nice vibe. Picture it with a modified funky belt…

526 wrap dress cjonson-side

Since wrap dresses are on trend at the moment, I might just do this 🙂

Ciao! Coco

I’ve never done this before!


OK, many of you will laugh at me. I’m cleaning my oven – the ‘self clean’ thingie.

Backstory: Back in early November, I had a medical emergency at home, the ambulance came, and I told them I thought my oven was on (I was making toast).

What a great EMT team. They turned off my oven, locked up my house, got my wallet and keys, and took me off.

Four days in the hospital and, then home. After a few days I went to make toast, and what a horrible oven disaster, soot and so on everywhere.

Finally I’m getting it all cleaned up.

But I’m so nervous! I’ve never used the self-clean on my oven before. Eighteen years, and, because I really don’t cook, I just never needed to do it.

Two hours to go! and I hope the result is stupendous.

Ciao! Coco

New PJs – essential sewing!


At last, cool weather has arrived. For those of us in south Florida, that means night temperatures in the fifties. Not cold! But what a difference. Our dry season has begun, with lower humidity and the beautiful temperate days that bring so many people to Florida for the winter. Best of all – open windows, fresh air, and no A/C!

I get the urge to sew new PJs in the fall and in the spring. I’m wearing these as I write, and I might not take them off until next year! It’s my only matching ‘winter’ PJ set – I admit that most of my PJs are collection of T-shirts and leggings that have been downgraded from the closet to the drawer 🙂 Terrible… and I plan to grit my teeth and do something about that! Soon.


The top is a modified Wiksten tank, and bottoms are Love Notions Sabrina Slims.


These are two great patterns that I’ve used over and over. The Wiksten top is designed for woven fabrics, and I’ve sewn some cute sleeveless versions in simple cottons, but it works beautifully with knits as well.


In a totally different direction, I just finished a nightgown that’s pretty enough to wear all day. I’m so in love with this rayon challis print from Cali Fabrics.


The gown is a mix of elements – I used a favorite bodice sloper, with a 1.5″ wide waistband (it’s faced on the inside), and a gathered skirt that’s simply a 50″w x 38″l rectangle.n1  n4

When I wear this, I match my house 🙂

I hope everyone has a nice weekend, spent doing favorite things.

Bye for now – Coco

Final fixes from Hurricane Irma…


Oh my. A landscaping/arboreal team has been working behind my house for two days. They’ve been removing all the ‘hangers’ from the hurricane and balancing the mahogany trees. Sooo important to me, because these trees line my back garden. And they are only twenty feet from my house.

They did a wonderful wonderful job. They used ropes to secure the branches to be cut (awesome), nothing fell on my house. And then they came into the garden to make sure there were no branches left behind.

I took only a couple pics, because it was more than dangerous for me to be out in the garden, and I was mindful of that. But a tribute to them…



So – a good end for now. We have a problematic hurricane about every 10 years, so I’ll relax for at least that long!

Ciao – Coco

TBD – color and other mistakes

IMG_0129 Well, this is kind of a different post! A pic of my TBD – to be donated – stack…

Two drivers – one, I went natural grey, really very white hair, and, two, I’ve lost a lot of weight (from a size 14 to size 10). That’s a BIG change!

Really, most of these things in my pile don’t fit me. A couple are colors that don’t suit me.

These two changes, in the space of twelve months, have been weird!

The size thing is really not a challenge. Since I love to sew, I’m happy to sew more stuff that fits me. Ha!

But – I’ve been sewing from my stash for quite a while. Wish I could win the lottery 🙂  and buy lots of fabric and make a new start…

Nonetheless, I’ve been paying attention, mostly to color, because it seems to be the most difficult bugaboo in the past year.

Here is a dress sewn from my stash. In one pic, I used a contrast binding on the sleeve. On the other, hoping to like it better, I removed the contrast and sewed a simple hem.

But – in the end, this print, the colors, do not suit me. And the dress will join my TBD stack. I  don’t mind this. Over the past 6 years, since I started my blog, I’ve sewn many more things than I cannot or do not want to wear.

So,  I’m just moving on! For now – Coco

Oops – slip and fall

slip fall Just a quick note  – about a week ago, I slipped in my driveway and took a hard fall. Knocked me out! Nothing broken, just sprains, bruises, cuts, and  abrasions. I was really lucky.

I still have a bit of healing to do, and then I’ll be back 🙂 Coco