McCalls 7476 Cardigan – Maybe not


OK, these two M7476 cardigans are from sewing some time ago, but I want to share. This is a McCalls ‘Learn to sew for Fun’ pattern, and it does have a lot going for it. The instructions are very much oriented to an advanced beginner sewer:

line art

Aside from really great and detailed instructions, it is interesting because it has an attached shawl collar, rather than one that is cut-on (with all the seam challenges).

I’ve fallen rather in love with hacci knits, as a substitute for cotton knits, so I used 2 pieces from the stash as victims.

First go, View B, no collar.


Great stripe, and I agonized over the stripe matching. However. That turn in the front, where the curve meets the straight part of the front – it absolutely demands a button. I want it to fly open with panache and grace!

A few sewing notes here:

  • On both, I raised the front bodice by 1.5″, so that curve point would not be so low. Even for me, at 5’7″, that is a very low focal point.
  • In the following version, I likewise shortened the collar to match.

Well, not deterred and having the fabric, I made View D, which has the attached collar. I like this much more, mostly because the front button/curve are better, and here are pics.




Well, no. Not for me. I’m sitting on some beautiful sweater knits, so I’m glad I tried this. Next? I’ll remove the snaps and buttons, gently, and donate these two cardigans.

Ciao! Coco


Burnside Bibs…


Here we go! to put aside all age issues, I’m over 70, and I love my Burnside Bibs πŸ™‚

In fact, I love overalls. From a company picnic 15 years ago (and this reminds me I need some black and pink sneakers).


I am so happy to be sewing and blogging again. I spent about 5 days on these, poco a poco, but it was so much fun. These are the cutest britches ever.

line art
Sew House Seven Burnside Bibs


Some sewing notes:

  • I sewed a straight size 10, based on waist and hips. Perfect.
  • I used the bib from Version 1 and the bottom from Version 2. Curved bib and no back darts.
  • Front pockets, a tip: serge the edges and then pull up the needle threads to turn the fold on those curves.

serger pulling

  • Belt loops. I sewed them as a tube, serged each end, and pulled my serger tails inside with a double-eye needle.


belt loops

  • I also added three belt loops to the front to keep the ties in place and also to keep them from dropping away when they were untied. One over the center front, and another over the outside edge of each pocket.


  • Thank goodness I didn’t add to the length! because these were very long on me. It’s almost impossible to know where they will hit until they’re on and tied. I ended up cutting off 2 1/4″ and using a 2″ hem!

first fitting

  • I added the back pockets much closer to the waist than noted on the pattern. Unfortunately, they really poked out (flat bum), and I removed them.

baggy pkt

  • But the bibs still look great without them.


Thank you all for all the comments and support over the last couple weeks. Three tests and labwork next week, and I fully expect to be my usual funky self πŸ™‚



Bye for now – Coco

A huge thank you and an update…


Your many comments have been such a support for me over the last week. Thank you is not enough, so please know that I appreciate each and every comment, and each of you. Your friendship is valued.

The last week feels like a year. I didn’t think I’d have news so quickly, but I do. Background, I’ve been challenged since late last year with a heart issue. I was in hospital for 3 days in November. The first medication I was given was a set-back, as I had an adverse reaction to it. Β And over the next 4 months, I started four more. Ha. Instead of a chair of bowlies (I love Mary Engelbreit), I have a bowl of meds. The last one, started in mid-May, was just awful. I had subtle reactions to it that suddenly became acute. A seizure and more time in the hospital.

With the offending drug discontinued, I’m feeling much better. The underlying condition for which it was prescribed is still there, but my body needs some recovery time, as well as some tests to be sure all is well. Meanwhile I’m reading, playing Australian Patience solitaire, watching favorite movies, cruising blogs, drawing, and getting my head straight.

I adore you guys πŸ™‚ Coco

How to say it…


I love all my followers and blog friends. But, I find myself overwhelmed by health issues. Scleroderma, heart, other TBD …

I am under good, wonderful care at Cleveland Clinic.

I won’t stop sewing until I have to! And I’ll continue to enjoy everyone’s posts.

Thank you all for your friendship and support over the last 6 years. Great ride.

Best – Coco


mc2 Classy Harem Pants


Yes, I’m still working on sarouel pants!

Encouraged by my first pair (here), but discouraged by the ‘diaper’ effect of my own drafting, I kept looking for a pattern. And look what I found!


mc2 patterns are entirely new to me. These pants are so much fun!! I’ve tried to show the inseam and so on, so more sewing room antics ahead..



Sewing notes:

  • I drafted size Small and made no changes to the pattern, other than to take 1 5/8″ off at the top before adding the waistband.
  • The pattern suggests about 1.5 yd of fabric, but that is based on the layout below. I used 2 yards because I like to cut all my pieces in the same direction. BTW, I also cut out the size XL in about the same yardage.

layout for 52 inches

They do make me feeling like dancing. They’re great!



Ciao! Coco