Almost there…the move

front porch

Ah – major painting and clearing out was finished last Saturday. Even my garage is beautiful πŸ™‚

Getting ready to sell the house entailed quite a bit of de-personalization. Family photos, small treasures, lots of paintings and artwork, all put away for packing. I even took the funky piggy bank off the piano, and I put all my jewelry in the safe.

collage 5 and 6

Mar 14 - 1


I also managed to break a toe on a displaced bed frame (raise your hand if you’ve done this).

This photo led to my getting a pedicure, I’m back to red toenails! It’s easy to overlook the beauty stuff when the house is upside-down.

The sewing loft feels weird! Almost empty, white walls, so clean!


It’s a good thing I make my own clothes and have lots! I couldn’t get to my washer and dryer for over a week.

Day 1 and 2 - IMG_1907


  • Repainted 3 bedrooms and bathroom ceilings.
  • Installed new lithium battery smoke alarms, bathroom fan grilles, and 9 LED integrated high-hat lights.
  • Pressure cleaned and resurfaced the patio, walkway, and garage floor.
  • Pressure cleaned the hardscape in the yard: the back patio and walkways, and the front garden landscaping stones.
  • Installed a new microwave over the range.
  • Had the patio sliding glass doors and tracks tuned up with new rollers and weather stripping – now they glide open with a finger touch.
  • Resurfaced the driveway.
  • Big expense: replaced the electrical circuit breaker box, had all the electrical stuff checked out, and installed a couple new GFCI outlets.
  • Installed new planting along the front walkway (which meant removing 6 palms, it took chains and a winch to get them out).
  • Shampooed all the carpets!
  • Cleaned my mailbox. It’s almost new, and the birds love to sit on it, with predictable consequences.

It sounds like I was living in a run-down shed. But no. All of this is to add that extra zing and brightness that will appeal to a new owner.

Next? Listing the house. I’ve been working with realtors here and in Orlando. The three weeks from the netherworld are over and behind me, I can hardly believe I did it. For now, recuperation!


Bye for now – Coco

Sewing is hazardous!



I just managed to burn my thumb with my iron. Which got me to thinking about all the injuries incurred (or lurking) in a sewing room!


My short list:

  • Walking pins and needles into my feet (my sewing space is carpeted).
  • Having the iron sputter hot water and steam onto my hand (my fault, I lifted it before it was to temperature).
  • Sewing through my nail bed, twice! Very painful.
  • Scratching myself while pulling on a fitting garment with the pins on the inside. Duh.
  • Cutting into the web between my thumb and forefinger while trimming a seam.
  • Starting to sew with my finger under the side of the presser foot. Ouch. That thing came down like a hammer.

croc sewing machine

And you?! Coco

Nautical Blackwood Cardigan


Such a great print! And perfect for a long Blackwood Cardigan.


After three weeks of workmen in the house, finally they’re done. I slept for 11 hours last night, with not a thing on my mind.


This super soft poly/lycra French terry is from Fabric Mart (and just sold out, they’re having a huge sale on knits). This is my second garment in poly/lycra French terry, and I am so impressed with it. Much nicer than cotton or rayon terry.

Just a few sewing notes:

  • I’ve made this wonderful cardigan about 8 times, both short and long. Yes, I love it. Thank you again, Helen!
  • I sew the Size Large (and I’m pretty small, it’s close-fitting).
  • As with my navy fleece version (here), I made a larger pocket and extended it onto the band and across the side seam.
Top: True Bias Nikko in modal stretch jersey, Cali Fabrics

I just took a walk in the garden, it’s such a lovely day. It’s spring and everything is blooming.

My husky cherry tomato is suddenly over 6″ tall and full of bloom and babies.


The orange jasmine trees (murraya paniculata) have been covered with flowers and even have some fruit. I had them trimmed about 6 weeks ago – they love a haircut. They’re not citrus, but, as with a citrus tree, trimming them stimulates flowering. And although they’re often mistaken for the mock orange (Philadelphus coronarius) that grows so rampantly in Hawaii, they’re not even cousins. I think the association arises from the orange-blossom fragrance that they share.

mock orange

And Ms. Guava is loaded with buds and starting to bloom.


I hope everyone is enjoying a nice weekend. Ciao! Coco

Paper Theory Zadie Jumpsuit!

number 1

I am totally in love with this pattern!!

It’s the recently released Zadie Jumpsuit, and it’s wonderful. Check this out – no zippers or buttons. Umm. No struggling to drop trou trousers πŸ™‚

line art

I cannot say how much I like this, and how much I enjoyed sewing it. Tara’s drafting and instructions are impeccable.

Fabric: Rusty Red/Plum/Cerulean/Multi Linen/Cotton Dotted Leaves, Fabric Mart

Rave on…but sewing notes:

  • I sewed the size 8 (I’m 33.5 – 29 – 38, and 5′ 6.5″). I made no changes to the length of the bodice or pants.
  • I used 3 yards of 58″ wide fabric, with a 12″ vertical repeat. This fabric did shrink a little bit with my pre-laundering.
  • I drafted my tissue with a 1/2″ seam allowance everywhere. I’m just wary of sewing woven fabric with the included 1 cm allowance.
  • I was a little concerned about the binding on the neckline and pant crossover, and I noticed that the two examples (one gold, one blue) on the pattern site had different treatments. I asked Tara if the blue version was faced, instead of bound. She said ‘yes’, because the blue denim was just too bulky for binding. In the end, I did bind my edges, and also my sleeves (to match and because it’s a nice finish). BTW, I think drafting the facings would be fairly straightforward, but the pattern doesn’t include the option.
  • A tip on binding that beautiful curve from the bodice into the pant crossover. Take the time to do it right πŸ™‚ and you’ll have a nice result. Stretch the binding in the convex curve, clip out the seam allowance, turn, fold, and voila.


More pics.

It’s so easy to get in and out of this jumpsuit. Miss Modesty here.


I want about 5 more of these – I think the Zadie will be my spring and summer staple, to include a couple short ones. I tucked up one leg and tried to give an idea of how very cute the pattern would be in a shorter length.

short 1

short 2

Last note: Tara suggests this for advanced beginners. IMHO, it would be a good stretch pattern at that level.

Love love love it, looking for more fabric, of course. Ciao! Coco

Paper Theory Zadie Jumpsuit in progress

layoutΒ Quick post! My Zadie jumpsuit pattern is drafted and ready for layout.

Aargh…I really don’t enjoy doing a flat layout on fabric (instead of folding the fabric and cutting two at a time).

But I tell myself it’s all part of sewing πŸ™‚


I really really want to wear this on Tuesday, an appointment. I’m Watching April the giraffe, Animal Adventure Park, on YouTube, and Deepwater Horizon on the TV for company.

line art
Pattern link

This fabric has a fairly short vertical repeat, which helps. And I always order extra yardage for anything that will need print matching.

Zadie fabric
Linen/cotton woven, FabricMart

This is keeping me out of trouble if nothing else! Ciao – Coco