Whip it up!

OK, we need a little music for this post – but Blogger will not let me do it without giving up my only son! So imagine Devo singing ‘Whip It’… along with a new dress modeled by Emile.

Seems like everyone is ‘whipping up’ something – a skirt, a top, a dress, a coat…

And I don’t whip up anything!

Yes, at times this has gotten to me. Green-eyed monster lurking. I have spent days on a blouse and my mind has churned over someone’s Banksia blouse, Darling Ranges dress, Minoru jacket…whipped up on Sunday afternoon. That would have taken me lots more time – I’m so slow!

I spend a week on a dress, several days on a blouse, a couple days on a pair of pants. I admit I stop a lot – go for that coffee, watch the tube, water the plants, get the mail, fool around. But still – no way can I whip it up that way!

Pause. Picture time.

I’m working on a project that I whipped up today (except the hem is not done and won’t be done until tomorrow – thereby defeating my whipping claim 🙂

But very cute. Emile shows it above, a lovely knit maxi dress. More tomorrow, promise. Kind of. Meanwhile, received in the mail….

Love it! Coco

All’s good in the Loft…

Before another minute goes by, I want to thank you for the kind comments and best wishes on my birthday – you added so much to my enjoyment and appreciation of that special time.

Well, no finished garment to show this weekend – since I buried that wadder blouse at the bottom of my closet. But I am busy busy with Vogue 8876…in my sewing table picture at right. Here’s a preview of my fabric:

Diamond stripe cotton poplin
Robert Kaufman Mini Dot

I’m also using white broadcloth for the pockets and the facings on the poplin. I think that self-facing would cause print shadows on the right side.

The poplin pieces are all cut out, but the mini dot is at the post office waiting to be delivered. I know this because I’m tracking it! It has been there since 3:11 a.m. today! What are they thinking? why didn’t it come to my house today? oh!
I’ve passed the day reading about the Kwik Sew 3703 maxi dress and the Mission Maxi. I’m feeling in the mood to sew some dresses, get back to my favorite things. 
Both of these dresses are so pretty and so popular with sewists. Both have racer backs and scoop necks, but the Kwik Sew is the less form-fitting of the two. ummm – yes, I’m planning a muslin with the Kwik Sew pattern. I have a nice midweight cotton jersey that will let me concentrate on fitting rather than fussing!
Kwik Sew 3703
The dress is really much prettier
than these examples!
Jamie Christina Mission Maxi

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend – Bye for now, Coco

Butterick 5854 Blouse … on the floor?

I cannot help myself…this is the single worst pattern I’ve sewn ever in my life! Sorry, Butterick.

Maybe I wasn’t paying attention! I read somewhere that if you Google a pattern for images and can’t find even one that someone made, it says something! And the pattern envelope has 6 drawings but only one photo of a real person. Oh, sewer, beware…

It just looks so charming, such great elements. Well. Those ruffles are actually flounces cut from full circles, then gathered some more before being attached – all of them! Sleeve, hem – what a sea of fabric, the flounces practically sit straight out from the seam. And the pleats across the top of the bodice (that are reminiscent of Vogue 1247, the famous Rachel Comey top) – actually they sit right up on top of the girls and look exactly like two mini-me’s. 
I could go on, but it’s too aggravating! Moving on. Good news – a contrast fabric I ordered from Pink Chalk for my Vogue 8876 dress has shipped! 
Ciao! Coco

It’s my birthday!

Poppies Africa, Coco ’11

For me the new year begins on my birthday (there is nothing personal about January 1).

I love my birthday. When I was working, I always, for over 30 years, took off my birthday. I love it.

And now I am 65!

What I am doing today, self-indulgence.

  • I bought 3 frozen ice cream cones, the ones with a waffle cone and chocolate and nuts on top. Plan to eat at least two before midnight.
  • I have 3 favorite drinks: kir, blackberry sour, and campari & soda. I bought blackberry brandy, to be mixed with Crystal Light lemonade, for a quasi-blackberry sour.
  • I ordered 8 Partylite Iced Snowberries Scent Plus Melts on EBay. I have some in my warmer now, and I love knowing I have more coming. My very favorite ever.
  • I am cruising fabric sites and will order something grand before day’s end. Promise 🙂

Meanwhile, the weather is cool, my garden got much needed rain yesterday, and my family has sent me love.

What a very nice birthday.


Vogue 8859 – Marcy Tilton Skinny Pants


As promised! Skinny pants from Marcy Tilton…

Do not be misled by the skinny model. I’ve sewn three pairs of these now, and none of them have the cigarette look of the photo at right!

The fun is in the detail…the front is actually cut in one piece and seamed in any of a variety of ways at the knee. The back is cut in 3 pieces – yoke, upper leg, and lower leg. Interesting!
And really lost in my matte jersey cheetah print 🙂
What a great fit! Piecing the back leg gives a perfect line – a bit tapered from hip to knee, then straight down to the ankle. No bunching behind the knee.
I left off the back pocket – it would never be seen. No way am I wearing a short or tucked top with these!
A couple notes on sewing: I cut a size 16, because the fit through the hips and waist is very close. Ever notice how panty hose slowly pull down from the waist and the crotch creeps towards the knees? Well, that’s what I wanted to avoid!
Here is a close-up of the knee detail on my muslin, which I wore for the pics on my first peasant blouse. (I had to lighten the pic so bring out the seams – but even so, this is a horrible horrible shiny ponti knit that serves knit muslin duty).
I found all 3 knee options to be very difficult to manage and not really all that pretty. On this first pair I sewed two 1/8″ seams, facing outward, from edge to edge, on the right side of the fabric. When the pants are on, the seams kind of poke out and  cause a  bag above the kneecap. Strange…
Of course I fixed that! After carefully measuring my leg ( front and back,waist to knee, knee to ankle), I cut the front leg into two pieces at the knee.
The front and back knee seams are trimmed, turned up, and topstitched. I like the result – my pants are comfy, have a bit of detail, and look very finished.
I’ll be making more – they feel like leggings, but I can make them!
Bye for now! Coco